My Viewing

Below I have listed some of my favourite videos on Youtube

Gravitational Waves Are Expanding The Universe

I’ve been thinking about the whole process of gravitational waves, scientists believe that the universe is expanding at an ever faster rate and I am actually thinking gravitational waves togethor with the initial conditions of the big bang are what’s fueling the expansion process.

Our Universe

A great documentary on just how truly big and beautiful our universe really is! With mankind set to become an interplanetary species from 2025 onwards it’s amazing to see just how is out there for us to find and marvel at.

Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Are Here!

These 2 fields of research are set to begin shaping our immediate future in ways most of us can’t even begin to imagine! By 2030’s and beyond what it means to be a working human will be very different to what it is now, with between now and 2030 being a very turbulent time with many people becoming unemployed due to being replaced by ever smarter machines.

Below is a channel of Youtube videos I have been watching, these include science documentaries, spacetime, history, medicine and so forth all the good stuff I get some of my ideas theories and inventions from, sometimes people may not understand some of the stuff I am talking about so this is a good way to find out where I get some of my information from.