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Find out more about the person behind the scenes!

First if you're a business owner

As a business owner your business needs to be online!

Visit VanBlaisa Digital Marketing to hire me and my team!

Website Design

As part of my consulting services at VanBlaisa Digital Marketing I provide all aspects of website design for your business or company.


As a digital marketing specialist I provide as part of my commitment to you and your business, my expertise and knowledge and skill set.

Marketing Services

In the consulting package I help you set up an effective digital marketing strategy and provide you with ongoing support and services.

More about me on the personal level

This is who I am and why I do what I do!


Who Am I

I am a 40 year old single man. I have 3 children with the eldest being Vanessa (21) Blake (8) and Isaac (6). My children are the best part of me and I couldn’t be more proud of the people they are growing up to be!

I reside in Devonport Tasmania (I’ll post some pics one day) and have been here 3 years now after having moved here to be closer to my children.

Richard Monssen - Digital Marketing Specialist


Why I do What I do

Currently I live alone and see my children as often as possible, but while not spending time with my children I'm always researching and working for my clients businesses.

While I consider working and education important nothing is as important as my children and family. This is why I do what I do!

Me And My 2 Boys - Blake & Isaac


What is it about digital marketing?

I have done quite a lot in my 40 years and worked many jobs from baker/pastrycook to steel fixing on a construction site and from telemarketing to internet marketing and website design.

Nothing has really held my interest for overly long except internet and digital marketing. I simply love it!

Want to know more?

What that's not enough? Here's my story!

I've had much success at many different things but also had my fair share of disappointments. My life spiraled don't the tubes towards the end of 2012. I thought my life was literally going to end after a losing everything! My family, my house and my health! My life ended up meaning nothing - except for bringing into the world my 3 amazing children.

I've worked hard to turn that downward spiral around now.

I am naturally very creative and in many ways I’m a big kid, I have a huge amount of ideas from little tiny inventions to great big holy crap ideas for products services and various businesses.

I have a great many and varied interests of which you will find on this site as well. I enjoy playing video games and fishing usually with my children.

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