First Revised Theory On Genisis – maybe?

Revised Theory 1    – Multiversal Genisis

1. I believe that our universe is cyclic in nature, meaning it has a start and finish that coincide at a singular point, I also think that the inside of a black hole or rather from the event horizon inwards is a timeless singular point, this point also reaches or breaks through too the same point at which the cycle of the universe begins/finishes. This is a logical conclusion given all 3 points essentially have no time or are an existance or substructure where time does not exist so it implies too me that all 3 points are reaching to the same point. It’s also conceivable that whatever our universe is expanding into may also be the same point as well since time essentially would not exist there either.

Why is our universe cyclic? I think our universe must be cyclic in nature due to it having a start and a finish with these being proven I contend that outside this environment is by our current perception timeless or according to Krauss (T = 0) which gives birth to the universe.
[sociallocker id=”76″] 2. Since time and space are interlocked or interwoven I also believe that logically means that our forward concept of time is related too the expansion of our universe. Evidence of this is the effect gravity has on time. Entropy would be a way to understand the expansion of our universe and whence why it appears time is the result of entropy.

I once remember thinking that it appears time is speeding up and reading up on it I remember reading that time is shrinking but on such a small magnitude that it wasn’t exactly perceptable. It’s also been stated that it’s not uncommon for other people to feel this way but it’s been stated that it’s our interconnectedness, transfer of information and technology that is giving us the illusion of time getting faster. While that may be a factor I contend that our perception of time is linked with the expanding of spacetime, since spacetime is our universe as such and that universe is expanding faster and faster it stands to reason these 2 phenomona are what we perceive as the forward motion of time.

3. Based on my first 2 conclusions I believe that what we percieve as bark matter/dark energy is the possible substructure that timespace is unwinding into. So in order to potentially master time or the 4th dimension we will need to understand exactly what dark matter/energy is as I think that if we could exist on or in that same state we should possibly be able to see all of time and the universe as a whole.

Question: Since gravity affects time, how much gravity affects what amount of time?

Question: I wonder if the period of intelligent life developing technology in spacetime to a point of singularity is related to the construction of the universe(s)? The process of creating computation in matter is done by ordering it’s atomic composition, if an intelligent species reaches the technological point of singularity and then proceeds to reorder all matter throughout the universe, would this not potentially indicate the start of a new universe being that all matter is now once again highly reordered?

Dark Matter/Energy And Life After Death Or Before You Were Born

I believe that dark matter/energy is actually the true or real world and is also energy in it’s truest form as percieved by us in this reality. Before you were born you knew nothing or for you time did not exist, after you die it I think you return to that same state, both of these periods are essentially timeless, meaning you now reside in the same reality as that of dark matter/energy where time does not exist.

There is both a start and finish to time and this universe, and the outside of this is the construct we call dark matter/energy which exists in manner to our perspective to be timeless and taking into account that I believe there is a cycle to the universe, as each universe unfolds the particles in it are bound to arrange themselves in a way that you will once again be born into and relive this kind of reality albeit slightly different. I also believe that even though this appears to be a cyclic nature of our universe/reality with each cycle playing out on a linear path but it’s many possible alternates are playing out concurrently or simultaneously which given that while you are not alive you and exist in that timeless substructure of reality this is actually why ALL possible realities are also playing out at the same time.

Question: If multiverse theory holds true and all possible realities are played out simultaneously, and there is a timeless environment existing outside of these realities, from the outside perspective, what does it all look like? Would it appear to be both there and not? Would it appear to act as particles due on the quantum level?[/sociallocker]

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