My Stuff

As you may or may of guessed I am into quite a lot of stuff some of it interesting and some of it likely to be considered boring to others, one thing is for sure there is something to interest most anyone!

From gaming to cooking and everything else in between I will hopefully cover as much of it as I can and maybe you will find something of interest to you. I will post videos, pictures and more as it comes to me, I have theoretical philosophies related to the universe, I have about 10 PS4 games (for now) that I will post about, I have a passion (and some qualifications) for cooking so I will post recipes, I live in a picturesque place and will post pictures and videos, I have a great many ideas for startup businesses and will post them. I can go on but by now I’m sure you get the picture!

If your investor looking for a startup then I have more ideas than I know what to do with! Feel free to have a look at some of my ideas, they are unique and original. Don’t think that there may not be something there for you as my ideas are quite diverse from food to gadgets and everything in between there will be an idea for just about everyone!


I have always been a big fan of video games from Atari’s to Playstations and XBoxes I’ve played them all just about, these days I’m mostly into RPG’s (role playing games) and shootem ups. I upload videos and hints’n’tips along the way, so feel free to check out my gaming stuff here


Anyone who knows me well knows how well I can cook so I will post all my favourite recipes for you to use and serve to your families, from cakes and doughnuts to lasagna and everything else in between that I cook for my children and friends. I will provide videos (once I get a good camera) and all you need to know to make the same great tasting food I make.


Website design and internet marketing is something I have been involved with since about 13 years ago. I have had success and failures, let me help you get the basics done so you can focus on other things. I’ll provide you with most of the relevant knowledge needed to get a decent website online and functioning.


I am always watching new documentaries on science, technology, gaming and movies. If it’s worth watching you will find it available on my viewing page or on my Youtube channel, why bother looking for all the good stuff when I have found it all for you?


These are the main areas I will focus on for now, once I have added enough content to these I may add more later, if you haven’t checked it out yet you might find something on my blog that interests you.