Living In Tasmania

Living In Tasmania

Living In Tasmania

Living In Tasmania Is A Privilege

Living In TasmaniaLiving in Tasmania is both a privilege and a curse. I have lived here off and on for years now. I have grown to love this place in many ways however it isn’t all roses. First I have lived and worked here off and on for over 12 years now. In that time I have mostly lived in Devonport or surrounding areas. Here you can meet a good cross section of the Tasmanian population which can be friendly, helpful and generous. Since moving here I have come to appreciate it’s beauty as a holiday destination stop over, it boasts unique animals, breath taking views and great fishing! Due to being an Island one of the most common ways to visit Tasmania is via the Spirit Of Tasmania, which can be expensive at times but a great way to find your way here.

On this page I will provide some great information and resources on what to do, where to go, places to stay and much more.

What Is It Like Living In Tasmania?

I have lived mostly in and around the Devonport area. I can say that my experience is limited. The Devonport area is currently undergoing some upgrades as part of the governments $100 million investment in the north of Tasmania. The upgrades that have been taking place here, has seen an increase of work in the trades industry. This however hasn’t stopped the continued closing of many local businesses. There is a major shortage of crisis accommodation as well as affordable rental accommodation. Electricity and gas prices are extremely high adding to the cost of living in Tasmania.

Below are some resources to help you with living in Tasmania.

1. See Anglicare For Crisis Accommodation

2. Search GumTree For Rental Accommodation

3. Search Trivago For Holiday Accommodation

What Is It Like Working In Tasmania?

While there is plenty of work for professionals and qualified tradesmen alike, there is also plenty of unskilled work in the form of fruit and vegetable processing. In the retail sector there are many shops and retail outlets closing so this industry is not good for employment here. Considering the education system here is different to the rest of Australia with high school stopping at year 10, it’s surprising the level of qualifications need to get a decent job.

Below are some resources to help you with finding work in Tasmania.

1. Facebook Tasmania Jobs Group

2. Search JORA For Jobs In Tasmania

3. Search Or Advertise On GumTree For A Job In Tasmania

What Is It Like Holidaying In Tasmania?

While I have come to Tasmania on family holidays (once upon a time) I haven’t stayed at any of the available accommodation. I have stayed in the East Devonport Caravan Park which was quite a pleasant stay and one place I can recommend. There are plenty of things tourists can do from fishing to visiting the chocolate factory or trail walks in the mountains. I do a fair bit of fishing in Tasmania albeit only salt water fishing. If you would like to do fresh water fishing in Tasmania you will need to buy a fishing license.

Other Resources For Living In Tasmania

Many people struggle with the cost of living these days and it’s no different in Tasmania. Apart from electricity, gas and rental accommodation food is another high cost. One great thing about Tasmania is there is no shortage of help when it comes to food. Below I will list 3 resources to getting help with finding a meal in Devonport.

1. See St Vincent De Paul (ST Vinnies).

2. See Salvation Army.

3. See Grans Van For A Meal

Some Pictures From Walking Into Devonport

Quick Video In Devonport (Taken from my mobile)

Check it out!

That’s about it until I get some more time to update this page but at least if your in the Devonport area your off to a good start to getting any help you need to live in Tasmania. Most of the resources I have provided on this page are available statewide.