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Guest Author Competitions - Get Paid To Be An Author!

**By entering the competition you agree to my terms & conditions.**

Guest author competitions where winning bloggers get paid $100 for their guest article. I don't always have the time to post articles on my blog as often as I would like. There are a number of reasons for this but mostly so I can keep my readers happy and add great new content to my site! So I'm also looking for not only good content for my site but also for the guides and courses I am making. ​

If you think you can write a good blog post you should enter to see if you win!

guest author competitions where bloggers get paid!

Are you for real? Richard Monssen is running a #competition that's paying $100 for guest #blogging on his site! Entries close on the last day of each month!

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How would you like to get paid $100 for your next blog post?

If you want to get paid for your next blog post or article then here is what you need to do. Fill out the entry form on this page (So I can create your authors account) and begin to create your blog post. In order to be successful you will need to meet some conditions which I will outline below.

1. Your article or post needs to be 100% original (I do accept sources quoted and linked)

2. Your article needs to be educational and informative.

3. It needs to fit within the digital marketing niche.

4. Your article needs to get the green lights on the Yoast SEO plugin.

5. Your successful article needs to be 2000 words or more.

6. You need to provide any descriptive pictures such as screenshots or diagrams.

7. You must use royalty free content - no copyrighted images or videos.

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How Do I Choose The Winning Guest Author?

The winning guest author will be the one who successfully submitted the article with the most comments and social shares. Each month I will select the winning author and notify them by email. The winning author will also be featured on my front page.

When Will The Guest Author Be Paid?

The winning guest author will be paid within 6 weeks of successful submission. This allows 4 weeks for commenting and social sharing. 

How Will The Winning Author Be Paid?

The winning guest author will be paid via PayPal to their submitted address on their profile.

When Is The Final Submission Date?

This will be a monthly competition so entries will close on the last day of every month. Each submission will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism before being published.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

All content submitted for the competition will be owned by me (you will still get full credits and more) and cannot be used elsewhere. I reserve the right to change or add new content for marketing and other purposes. I allow you to have 3 do follow links (helps you with SEO & website traffic) that link to various articles on your website. You must reference and provide sources to quotes and other content like pictures and videos. You cannot be doing an affiliate review and no affiliate links. I will create a profile page for you that promotes your articles and an original product (no PLR). 

This Isn't Just Another List Building Exercise

Unlike many others out there this is NOT another list building exercise! This is a genuine opportunity to be a guest author on my site. The registration buttons will simply register you a normal account on my site using the details provided by that service. 

The only information kept in the registration process is your name, email address and profile picture.

Enter To Win Your $100 Now!

Enter now to $100 and even if you don't I will promote your guest author submission to my social networks!

Get Paid $100 Guest Author Competition

How Do You Enter The Guest Author Competition?

Entering the guest author competition is easy! Simply register using your Facebook, Google+ Or Twitter account by clicking the links below. This will create a user profile account on my site and nothing more.
Then contact me to let me know and I'll approve your account to publish articles. 

**By entering the competition you agree to my terms & conditions.**

Have Any Questions On Entering?

If you have questions on the guest author competitions? Simply ask them below and I will reply as quickly as I can!

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