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Below is the last half dozen or more of my blog posts, these are usually mine but on occasion I invite guest authors. The guest authors are also professionals in their own right and will be offering you some fantastic information on all things digital.

As mentioned on other pages these rants are about my interests, theories, philosophies and ideas. They are diverse and in some cases quite complicated, if you do not understand or I have not explained myself very well please feel free to leave or comment or contact me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts...

Are cryptocurrencies like bitcoin a scam

Are Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin A Scam? – The Truth May Shock You!

Are Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin A Scam? Are cryptocurrencies like BitCoin a scam? Before I go anywhere in this article there are some things I wish to mention straight up front. First I am not a financial advisor so I am not offering you investment advice! Secondly I am not an expert in cryptocurrencies - I am a digital marketing specialist and website designer among many other things. Now it's because of the knowledge I have on programming and website design that allows me to say I have a genuine fear of what cryptocurrencies might bring! As a website designer and programmer I understand how to setup, install and configure a pretty good website. I have developed a knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP & MYSQL. My knowledge in these languages is not complete but I do have a good understanding of the basics and little more in each. It's ...
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20 Favorite Inspirational Quotes – With Images!

20 Favorite Inspirational Quotes 20 favorite inspirational quotes that I love and use to inspire my followers on and other social media sites. I have left these unbranded and downloadable for you to use as you wish. Simply click on the image you like once the full size has loaded simply "right click" and "save image as". 20 Favourite Inspirational Quotes & How I Made Them! These don't take overly long to make but every minute counts when your as busy as we bloggers are - right? If you like these 20 favorite inspirational quotes let me know and I will make some more. You can make these yourself ...
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Twitter Marketing Myths

The Truth About Twitter Marketing – Myths & Facts & What You Should Know!

The Truth About Twitter Marketing - Separating Myth From Fact! Twitter marketing myths are likely costing to you lose out on potential exposure on your Twitter marketing. I've been working very closely with Twitter in the last few weeks to optimize my exposure on there as much as possible. During that time I've read many articles on Twitter marketing and it seems either most are out of date or just completely wrong! In this article I will explain what is in my opinion some common myths surrounding Twitter marketing. Twitter Marketing Myth - Hash Tags And Keywords Twitter Marketing with keywords is probably the biggest fallacy I've noticed so far. This is where people tell you to only use 1 - 2 "#" on your tweet for some reason or another - usually it's about the visual appearance or some rubbish. This is a complete myth especially now with the ...
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What Is A Digital Marketing Specialist?

What Is A Digital Marketing Specialist

What Is A Digital Marketing Specialist? What is a digital marketing specialist you might be asking? Has your boss just hired you to employ a digital marketing specialist to look after your social media marketing? Are you a business owner looking to employ someone to look after your website or SEO? Are you going to place another advert on a job site or with an employment agency? I'll explain why you shouldn't waste your time and money on hiring an SEO company or social marketing company. Instead I'll explain why you should hire a digital marketing specialist (like me). As a specialist in digital marketing I understand the whole process and everything that's required in creating a successful online presence. Let's Break Down Exactly What A Digital Marketing Specialist Is: A specialist is an expert in a particular field. Digital marketing involves social media marketing and automation, SEO or ...
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the truth about blogging for money

The Truth About Blogging For Money

The Truth About Blogging For Money The truth about blogging for money is it's not what you think! Most people and courses you see about blogging for an income would have you believe it's an easy thing to do! The truth about blogging for money is it takes time and a whole lot of work! There are many people who start blogging with the aim of replacing there everyday job. Very soon they learn the truth about blogging for money - it isn't the big glorious income they have been led to believe! You might like to read my post the "Pros & Cons Of Creating An Online Income" to decide if it's right for you. In this article I will reveal the truth about blogging for money and how you can do it! The Truth About Blogging For Money Is It Takes Time! The truth about blogging for money ...
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my personal journey with depression

My Personal Journey With Depression & What I’ve Done To Beat It

My Personal Journey With Depression My personal journey with depression began about 5 years ago almost to the day! Up until that point I could not understand how someone could be chronically sad, to me it was a simple change of mind. This lack of understanding was soon to be changed and a much deeper insight was due.  After an unexpected breakup with the mother of my 2 boys (details aren't necessary), not long after I get serious news about my health after a physical for a job. I put my health problems aside and focused on trying to stop the banks from repossessing my house. This was short lived as my health worsened and treatment become imperative. My slide into depression happened during this six to twelve month period and my fight with depression began. My World Was Shattered And Depression Set In My world was shattered and ...
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website design devonport

Website Design Devonport Tasmania – With Free “On Page SEO”

Website Design Devonport Tasmania Website design Devonport Tasmania is typically done by a few companies and individuals locally. I am one such individual that is very adept at what I do. If your reading this then chances are you have found this article from a Google search for "website design Devonport" or "website design Tasmania". You found me because I know what I am doing when it comes to doing SEO more so then the other local companies trying to rank for these keyword terms. As you may have realized by now I am a digital marketing specialist that is good at doing SEO and website design for SME's. Contact Me Now! Website Design in Devonport There are a few places that do website design, these places do a reasonable job. Because they keep a shopfront or office full of employees they cannot offer competitive prices like I can ...
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Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing

Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing Automation of your social media marketing is absolutely necessary to save time and the efficiency of your social media marketing efforts. By automating your social marketing you no longer need to be a slave to your website marketing. You can increase your free website traffic in this process as well so it's well worth doing. In this article I will discuss how and why to automate your social media marketing so you can free up your time on writing awesome content for your website or blog. Why Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing Is Important Automation of your social media marketing is important due to the amount of time it saves, the increase in website traffic it delivers and increasing your social media presence. Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing Will Save You Time If your struggling under the pressure of keeping up ...
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