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My Video Gaming

Video gaming is something I’ve always loved, playing video games is favourite pass time and some day soon hopefully I may even be able to be involved in actually making them as well. Currently I’m playing on the PS4 console but I’ve also owned just about all the others from Xbox to Atari at some point! I’ve always wanted to get paid to play video games but doubt I’d be good enough! So far I have played the following games on PS4


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – Top Video Gaming!

This is the Zombie mode in it I show where to get the shield and make it, how to use the beast to unlock the gates and so on, I only went to level 8 to make this video but I plan on doing many more detailing how to do things like get the sword and activate the civil protector and how to do the rituals which I put everything else about Black Ops 3 here. Get a season pass from Amazon here – thank me later!


Battlefield 4 – Top Video Gaming!

Battlefield 4 campaign videos, so far I have done 3 but I am missing a few bits due to only just learning how to use the PS4 to upload gaming content. I plan on uploading a few more soon but for now enjoy all my head shots in these few videos! Get a copy of Battlefield 4 here from Amazon.


Star Wars Battlefront – Top Video Gaming!

This is the survival mode of Star Wars Battlefront, this is the very first level from start to finish across 2 videos, in it I show where to get all 5 of the collectibles while taking on the empire! Plus there are few other videos of other survival levels and a couple of games with my 2 young sons playing. Get your copy of Star Wars Battlefront from Amazon.

Bloodborne – Top Video Gaming!

Bloodborne is probably the creepiest game I have ever played! I haven’t bothered to finish the game given the sheer of it, that being said I will post some more videos when I can, however I have searched Youtube to find some others you will enjoy!

FarCry Primal – Top Video Gaming!

FarCry Primal is probably one of my favourite RPG at the moment, with cool scenery and a great representation of what primitive life might have been like I highly recommend it!


Jurassic Worlds Lego

God Of War Remastered

Grand Theft Auto 5

Dragonball Xenoverse

I will list more above as I play them but since finances are extremely tight it may be a while before the next ones listed but I’m looking forward to the next installment of FarCry. I’ll also add some more videos of some of my gaming and other content as time allows.