A Story…

CHAPTER 1 – The Arrival


They arrived in the year 2021, what we didn’t know was that they had been here many times before destroying our many past civilisations. It was from them that we came to be here and on many other worlds because they farmed us like cattle and they came to harvest us at peak population periods in ancient times. we came to know them as god’s to be worshipped and sacrificed to as they saw fit. We don’t know what they looked like as they always wore masks and armour which had to be some kind of energy field that made them look like us but much bigger, standing around 10 feet tall on average.

They conquered us in only a few days, rounding us up in concentration like camps where we were branded and catergorized according blood type and disease. Except for a few underground resistance camps, mankind stood no chance of being able to overthrow our alien captors, however as is our nature we still had hope! We hoped that somewhere, somehow, someone or something would give us back our freedom, and that something came in the form of a woman and a team of scientists.
[sociallocker id=”83″] That womans name is Vanessa. She was of average height with flowing blonde hair, always worn in an intricate braid. Vivid green eyes and an athletic form made her strikingly beautiful and this had become some what of an advantage for her as her intelligence was constantly underestimated. She was captured by the aliens in her late twenties and held in one of their concentration camps waiting to be assessed and branded like the billions of others that were rounded up and captured. Apart from being a beautiful and intelligent young women there was nothing special about Vanessa, however unlike the majority of us she still had hope and when she saw an opportunity to escape she didn’t hesitate. As she made her escape, she inspired others to either help her or try to escape themselves, alas she was the only person successful in escaping although at the cost of the brave few that came to her aide. As Vanessa made her way up the hillside away from the camp, she knew that the aliens were right behind her and that unless she found shelter to hide in, it was only a matter of time before they would catch her again.

After days of wandering in a deserted wasteland of sand and beating hot sun, Vanessa thought she was about out of options. Her cannister contained only a few drops of water and she knew that if she didn’t find some more soon, she would be left to the mercy of the sun as well as aliens. Vanessa was becoming weaker by the hour and she wasn’t sure how much longer her tired legs could carry her.
Stumbling and falling down a small hill, She discovered a suitable cave in which to hide, this cave was far too small for the aliens to follow her into and she prayed that they would eventually abandon the idea of recapture. As Vanessa made her way deeper into the cave, she discovered that there were remnants of others having been before her and considered that just maybe they would be here still. Deeper and deeper she went for what seemed to be hundreds of metres, fumbling around in the darkness. She began to give up hope that there were others hiding out in the cave but on she went regardless when suddenly she spied a faint light in the distance, a glimmer of hope perhaps.

Moving cautiously towards the light, Vanessa realised she had stumbled across one of the few remaining resistance fighters. Letting herself hope just a little bit harder, she entertained the possibility that more than just a few of the brave fighters resided here. A young but brilliant scientist saw the bruised and battered figure of Vanessa stumbling towards him first and rushed to help her stay on her unsteady feet.

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