Why Guest Posting Is Important To Increase Your Website Traffic

Guest Blogging To Increase Your Visitors

Why Guest Posting Is Important To Increase Your Website Traffic


Why guest posting is important to increase your website traffic is just one thing you’ll learn from reading this article. Not only will I explain why guest posting is important to increase your website traffic I’ll also explain the many benefits from doing it. I will also provide you with some tools to help you with guest posting. Finally I will also provide you with some guest posting opportunities.

First though I will explain why it’s important to be a guest blogger.

Why Guest Posting Is Important To Increase Your Website Trafficwhy guest posting is important

Why guest posting is important to increase your website traffic is actually a great question many would ask themselves. After all it does seem counter productive giving away your valuable content on someone else’s website or blog. The truth about blogging for money and getting people to your website or blog, is that you really do need to make guest posting one of your “to do items”.

Depending on the arrangement you take on in regards to guest posting you can gain much more than just website traffic. Some guest posting opportunities can offer  links that will increase your SEO and  also send you actual visitors. Others will help you build an email or customer list. Others still will help gain influence in your particular niche or industry.

Why Guest Posting Is Important For Your SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is important for long term free targeted traffic to your website or blog. One of the key aspects for better “Off Page SEO” is building back links to your blog site. So one of the many reasons guest blogging is good for your website is for the back links it can bring. These usually come in the form of “Do Follow” links either embedded in the post or authors bio at the end.

The post itself gains authority as it gets shared and commented on etc. The guest author gains from many things but the links in their article or bio gain authority from being on that article. There are many other ways to get back links as well but guest posting offers SEO, Influence, Authority & Traffic!


Why Guest Posting Is Important For Being An Authority And Influencer

By being a guest blogger on another blog or website you can get you exposure to their social networks! Being a guest author puts you in front of other peoples eyes as authority on your chosen topic.

Being considered an authority means people will listen to you on that topic. The greater your influence and authority the more social arrows or vectors will end up pointing at your website. Social arrows or vectors are how your post or article and it’s content gets shared in social media. You will gain more fans and followers as well as more visitors to your website or blog either directly or indirectly from that guest post.

Why Guest Posting Is Important To Increase Your Website Traffic VS Commenting

Why guest posting is important to increase your website traffic isn’t that hard to figure out as there are many benefits. If you keep reading I’ll explain why guest posting to increase your free website traffic is easier than you think. But first why people waste their time with commenting to get more traffic to their website or blog.

Being a guest blogger or author is far better than commenting, but people still insist on trying to comment on too many posts instead of commenting properly. It’s not the links people are looking for when reading comments, it’s the advice! So it’s better to leave a comment that’s almost an article in itself.

As a guest author on another blog you need to respond to the comments that people may make. Sometimes these are just link builders which are just looking for a link on that page. Others however are real comments and it’s these you need to respond to. By responding to comments you gain further opportunity to build your following from that website or blog.

Why It’s Important To Become A Guest Blogger On My Site

Why it’s important to become a guest blogger on my site is really obvious if you have a good look on my site. While I’m constantly experimenting on my site with different things I’m finding out new things I like to share. I share these insights and learnings not only from my site but also on other bloggers who guest author a post on my site.

See an example of my latest guest post on Infobunny.com where I share how to increase your Pinterest views and followers.

Not only will I reciprocate by guest publishing an article or more on your site but I will also promote both our articles. Furthermore I will add your Amazon product or other product that you have created to your guest author page. I am also considering adding your very own inline form to help you build your chosen list!

TIP: Don’t become a guest blogger without getting a good understanding of what’s involved!

Contact me now to be a guest author on my site. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this topic like if you’ve been a guest blogger and so on.

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