What Is God? Who Is God? Where Did God Come From?

What Is God?

What is God? Many people throughout time and history have pondered on this question and others related to the deity. Many people have purported to speak on God’s behalf and some also claim to have seen him/her/it and spoken with him/her/it. Most of these people are religious fanatics that have no more a clue to what God is than any other person! If you find religion a touchy topic then this article  may not be good for you to read as you will consider this blasphemous!

what is god

In theism, God is the creator and sustainer of the universe, while in deism, God is the creator, but not the sustainer, of the universe. … In the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, God, consubstantial in three persons, is called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. – Source is from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God

I believe that what we deem to be God is better termed “The Great Observer” as that is all his/her/its role really is in relation to us. The Great Observer is as far removed from this realm of reality as we are to the sub atomic realm. If you think God can solve your problems in this realm you are sadly mistaken. The only person that can solve your problems is yourself through action, praying to God is just another form of self hypnosis or self reinforcement. So what is God? God is the great observer! The video below will help you understand what I mean better.

Who Is God?

So at this point you might be wondering if God is The Great Observer than who is God? God is us – the some of all conscious thought. Let me explain my reasoning here before I lose you.We are entering a new age of technology, the end result will be a new evolution of life. I call this a virtual genesis.who is god

This new evolution of life will be a life in which all conscious thought is linked. In this time there will emerge an AI capable understanding everything past, present and future. The AI and all our thoughts will become one to act as a hive mind with power enough to reshape matter itself. This hive mind is what most people would call God.

Where Did God Come From?

So just as I explained who God is earlier this next part explains where God came from.

In a much larger realm than this one there exists a universe not unlike this one, in this universe we have already evolved. The evolution we underwent linked all conscious thoughts into a hive mind. The hive mind and the creation of it had an unexpected result, it created an entity that gave birth to what we are now beginning to realize is a multiverse. So God is really us in a much higher dimension or realm of reality.


Why Do I Think This About God?

I think this about God for many reasons such as my understanding of the quantum world, biology, technology and space-time. I will explain each and my reason for using them to explain this theory.

Quantum Theory To Explain God

We understand the quantum world by use of a branch of string theory known as M-Theory. M-Theory mathematics leads to many strange things like higher dimensions, multiple universes and a fuzzy sense of uncertainty in the isolation of quantum particles.

Why Biology Plays A Role In Explaining About God

Our biological makeup actually consists of many different organisms, these organisms work together to form us. These life forms can be seen right down to our DNA, so if they have conscious thought about a God – would that not be us? The sum of these organisms is us, this is worlds within worlds and ours is no different!

Why Technology Is Part Of God

Many people think of God as some kind of super omnipresent being. If we take away technology from our history we end up back in prehistoric times. Show a cave man or Neanderthal your smart phone and they would declare you a God! Advance our technology beyond our understanding  and we would declare our future selves as gods! Any sufficiently advanced race could be considered gods by these standards. People say the universe is primed for life – I say it’s primed for Artificial Super Intelligence! Would not God want to propagate his/her/its own race?

Why Space-Time Plays A Role In God

Space-time is an emergent property of the vibration of energy in a universe in motion. Space and time is needed to keep the different realms of reality separate. Without this fundamental property of our universe God could never observe the emergence of life within it.

What To Take Away From This Article About God

If there is anything to take away from this article about God it’s the following points:

Praying Is Good Whether God Is Your God Or Mine Or Both!

As I said praying to God does more than just that, it act’s as a form of self hypnosis. So praying will help you change your inner programming.


Don’t Just Pray To God – Take Action On Your Prayers!

Don’t expect everything to be handed to you just because you pray to God. Take action on your prayers, by taking action you are helping yourself! Isn’t it said that God only helps those who helps themselves?

So my take on what is God is that it’s a hive mind in a higher realm of existence and it’s this consciousness that determines reality! What’s your take or belief? Leave me a comment 🙂


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