What Is A Digital Marketing Specialist

What Is A Digital Marketing Specialist?

What is a digital marketing specialist you might be asking? Has your boss just hired you to employ a digital marketing specialist to look after your social media marketing? Are you a business owner looking to employ someone to look after your website or SEO? Are you going to place another advert on a job site or with an employment agency? I’ll explain why you shouldn’t waste your time and money on hiring an SEO company or social marketing company.

What Is A Digital Marketing Specialist?

Instead I’ll explain why you should hire a digital marketing specialist (like me). As a specialist in digital marketing I understand the whole process and everything that’s required in creating a successful online presence.

Let’s Break Down Exactly What A Digital Marketing Specialist Is:

What is a digital marketing specialistA specialist is an expert in a particular field.

Digital marketing involves social media marketing and automation, SEO or search engine optimization, lead capture, sales tracking and analysis, how to generate website traffic that is both free and paid and many more things. So a digital marketer knows and understands all things related to marketing online.


What Does A Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

A digital mDigital Marketing Specialistarketer manages your online presence in all things digital so as to optimize your business full potential on the internet.

A digital marketing specialist understands how your website should be built including most importantly it’s structure and on page SEO. A digital marketing expert understands how social media impacts on your business including reputation, lead generation, social seo, analyze data to identify new customers.


Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Specialist?

Should you hire a digital marketing specialist? That depends on many things to be honest but let’s explore some questions you need to ask yourself. Asking yourself the right questions can save you both a lot of time and money when trying to decide on hiring a digital marketing specialist.

Can You Keep Up With The Trending Technologies In Marketing?

A digital marketing specialist has their finger on the heart beat of the internet, watching and predicting how marketing it continually evolves.

Do You Have Time To Learn Effective Digital Marketing Strategies?

A digital marketing specialist will save you time on designing, creating and managing an effective online marketing campaign.

Can You Analyze All That Data?

In today’s digital marketing world it’s all about results driven return on investment. To understand what is the most effective way to market your business a large amount of data needs to be analyzed.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Digital Marketing Specialist?


Average cost of hiring a digital marketing specialistThe average wage of a digital marketing specialist/manager is around $60k+ per year.

This is rather low considering how important their service is in today’s business world.

As you can see digital advertising is set to overtake other more traditional mediums like TV and Radio.




Why You Should Get A Social Media Marketing Campaign From Exousia Digital

You’ve already seen why it’s necessary to hire someone to manage your digital marketing needs. Hiring a full time digital marketing specialist can be expensive but there are cheaper options like ExousiaDigital.com – where you can hire someone like me to do all the hard work for you.

Below you can see how we achieve results from Twitter. These stats are taken from my own personal Twitter account over the last 28 days.

I can do the same for your business!

Twitter traffic stats for the last few days

At Exousia Digital we hire talented individuals dedicated to looking after the individual parts of each campaign.

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