Welcome To The Future! Are You Ready?

After spending the day with my 2 young sons, I’ve been left with the thought of what their future might look like which to say the least is both exciting and frightening at the same time. When I consider the sheer amount of technological developments I’ve seen in my lifetime or that of people twice my age the mind almost boggles at the marvelous things we have been able to achieve thus far. Things will be far different for my children though (and yours too) and that’s because they are likely to see twice as many developments in less than half the time which is a frightening pace!

the futureWhen you look at science fiction movies we often see some of the technology of tomorrow however the time scales are usually grossly wrong. Many of the fantastic technologies like smart machines, artificial general intelligence, teleportation, telepathy and telekinesis, travel to other worlds, augmented reality, virtual reality, direct neural interfaces (DNI), cybernetic enhancements, immortality and the list goes on! These technologies are considered mostly wishful thinking in most cases and if possible it would be hundreds of years from now, but the truth is we WILL see all these technologies and more develop within 30 – 50 years at the latest, in fact in many cases we are already doing them now!

When I read, research of watch videos on Youtube related to these technologies I usually follow only a few people but 2 of my favourite people to listen to are Dr Michio Kaku and Mr Ray Kurzweil. Dr Michio Kaku is a physicist who works in a particular field known as M Theory which is a further development of String Theory. Ray Kurzweil is now the Director of Research for Google, Ray Kurzweil is a self made billionaire, inventor and all round genius with notable inventions such as flat bed scanners, speech recognition and many many more. Below is a video of Ray Kurzweil‘s “The Singularity Is Near” which is his view of the immediate future.

Dr Michio Kaku is as I said one of my favourite speakers on the future and other topics, he is an elegant speaker who has mastered the art of explaining complicated subjects in simple eloquent ways. Below is a video of what Dr Michio Kaku believes is likely to be in our near future as far as technological developments.

Both of these points of view are what’s called Utopian meaning they see a future that is good, but what about the dystopian or negative possible future? The dystopian view is very bleak in which the machines possibly take over or global warming destroys all life or some kind of meteor causes another extinction level event, but how likely is any of these to happen? And in what time frame? The answers may surprise you as they did me, below is a video documentary from the BBC I think, this shows some of the concerns on global warming and what’s being done to help slow it down.

New technology usually starts out in the hands of those that can afford to buy it, at this point the technology is still getting it’s kinks worked out, but as more people buy it and the technology gets refined it usually gets cheaper. Eventually no matter what kind of technology gets developed it does filter down to almost everyone, with that in mind our children will likely see a future that is bright, creative, abundant, exceptionally long and beyond our wildest dreams. Being creative will be very important in the future as that will most likely be our form of work, being freed of manual labour tasks and turning to online income it will be our creative ideas, art and literature that will become our products to earn an income. Our children will likely never be without anything as very soon it will simply be a matter of asking your 3d printer to print whatever it is they want! Immortality has long been sought after but its only now that we are on the verge of making it possible, it’s been stated that almost every disease will have a cure by 2035 and that life extending therapies will be available, think about it that’s only 18 years away!

If you have guessed it yet personally I believe that Ray Kurzweil and Dr Michio Kaku are the closest in their description of our likely future. If you research this you will likely come to a similar point of view as myself, the future is both exciting and frightening and I for one am ready!

Anyway I’d love to hear what you think, leave me a comment!

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