Website Update PT 4 – Free Website Traffic & Monetization!

Website Update PT 4 – Free Website Traffic & Monetization!

Website Update PT 4 – Free Website Traffic & Monetization. In today’s update I will show you where I stand after only 2 months of having this website. So far I have spent a total of about $13 on hosting and domain name registration. To date from my effort so far I am earning around $5.00 per month.

Free Website Traffic

free website traffic statsFree website traffic – how is it going? So far I have generated nearly 1,000 unique views from social media, search engine traffic and networking. Currently both search engine traffic and social media make up 2/3rds of my total website visitors. I’ve focused on mainly Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest with a few others as to a much less of an extent.

So as you can see both SEO and social media play a major role in generating free website traffic!


Monetization Of My blog Posts

monetization - AdsenseMonetization has gone better than expected. Adsense was once a long time in getting any real earnings. There were of course periods where Adsense paid heaps on certain keywords and phrases. These days it’s a lot more balanced. With that in mind earning good money from Adsense is highly likely given what I’ve seen in some of my stats!

So for the last 7 days on average I have earned $1.03 per click across 86 page views. Given enough time and pages (likely 6 – 12 months) I will be seeing a very good income from Adsense.


Since My Last Website Update

Since my last website update I have more than doubled the previous month visitors of 300 – 400. In the following picture I have shown you where a lot of my traffic has come from, please remember this is not all of it only what I could fit in my screen shot.

website update - free website traffic referral stats

If you click to enlarge the picture you will see a list of my website referrals (bare in mind its not all inclusive).

So since my last update I have doubled my website traffic and began to monetize it. These updates will come monthly from now on so you can stay up to date.

There are many more things to be done yet!


How Have I Doubled My Traffic From The Last Website Update?

How have I doubled my free website traffic? I’ve continued with the Social SEO Arrows. If you remember these are used in the search engine optimization process. As you can see from the info in the pics they do actually work to get you free website traffic from Google. The next thing I have done is reached out and connected with a network of bloggers. I’ve also guest authored a blog post and also had a guest author post on here. Aside from that all I have done is post articles in this blog!


I hope these website updates are helping you and would love to hear some comments from you. Don’t forget I am here to help so ask any questions you might have 🙂

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