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Website Update Pt 2 – Traffic And How To Get It!

Website update for the 1st Month – this is the second update, they can be found on the website design page along with some other resources. This update will give you an idea about what to expect in your first month. First I have created about 15+ main pages and done as many posts related to those pages linking them together contextually, I have integrated social media, created a facebook page and group and automated the process of posting from my WordPress site to the Facebook page and from there the group.

Website Design Done – Next Traffic!

Next I need to sign up to some article distribution sites, social bookmarking sites and arrange some guest blogging, this will help with “off page optimization” of my site as well as getting some more traffic to my site which is very important to Google who’ll be more likely to take notice and rank a web page that gets visitors. Below you can see my website traffic stats from the last month and as you can see there has been about 300 visits some of which is mine – lol – website design - stats


So my next goal is to get over 1000 visitors next month, to make this happen I will engage and use the SEO Arrows method and aim to rank for some keywords and phrases in a local search basis. You can find out about SEO Arrows here they are the process I will employ to try to get those 1000 visitors, plus there will be the social media integration to help with that as long as I can get the posts shared on Facebook and other social media. I have set up JetPack for WordPress to help with auto posting my blog content to the Facebook page, I have used the Ultimate Social Media Plugin for WordPress to allow my visitors to share the content to their social media sites and finally I have used the Yoast SEO plugin to aid in checking off the things I need to do while writing my posts to ensure they are as well optimized as I can make them. If your not using at least those 3 plugins it’ll likely be a frustrating process trying to achieve something similar so try them out and thank me later! 😉

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