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How To Get Website Traffic?

Getting website traffic to a brand new website has been the end of many a website and blogsite. This website is less than 2 months old and is already seeing organic search results. I haven’t spent any money at all but it has taken a fair bit of work. I am documenting my experience in starting this website and the steps I’m taking to get website traffic. So if you want to know what it takes to get traffic to your website this will be a guide worth reading.

website trafficAs you can see from the infographic I have seen over 450 visits so far, some of which will be bots crawling my site for new content. The spike in traffic comes from links on high traffic websites, in this case it is mostly Reddit and StumbleUpon.

What Have I done To Get This Website Traffic?

Mostly I have done what I call social media SEO arrows or basic SEO arrows. This is the process of creating a social media presence to get website traffic and search rankings. The larger your social media presence the better! Creating SEO arrows is a bit like politics. Each social website that you engage and share content in with links to your site are votes. The more votes you have the more likely you are to win the election! I am starting off with NO real social media presence which makes the process a little more difficult. But with good content should come the desired results! To find out more about SEO arrows read part 2 of this guide.

Do SEO Arrows Really Work To Get Website Traffic And Increase My Search Ranking?

Ywebsite traffic proofES! They really do work in getting website traffic and they really do increase your search engine ranking! As you can see from the infographic I have been getting website traffic from 3 main sources. Most of the traffic has been focused on one post “End Of The Human Worker“. That social media traffic has come to my website and shared it enough for Google to decide to rank it for that post title. It is both the sharing of my blog post and the traffic. If you are not doing this yet then probably should!

Can I Prove That SEO Arrows Work To Get Website Traffic And Increase Search Results?

website traffic seoYes! As you can see from the infographic I have a referral from Google. When I checked it, it  was for the search tern “End Of The Human Worker” which is a post from only a few weeks  earlier. This post was the main focus of my SEO arrow and as such I quickly went and searched Google and you know what? I ranked number 2 and probably still do! Just in case it doesn’t the picture below is part of a screen print.

website traffic seo ranking proof

Below is some further reading I have found on Amazon, these will give you a more in depth idea of how to use SEO arrows to get more website traffic.

There now you have the evidence you need to help you decide whether it’s worth doing SEO arrows. Leave a comment or share this post and don’t forget subscribe for more updates!

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