Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of optimizing your website in order to rank better in search engines like Google and Yahoo. There is quite a lot involved in doing this effectively enough to be successful and get mountains of targeted traffic. The truth is there is no magic bullet to get lots of targeted traffic from SEO instead it takes work and sometimes a lot of it, so rather than tell you everything I know I will keep to a more general best practices guide that I will expand over time to help you get more website traffic. Pay attention to the links I place on my pages as they will be links to great resources I highly recommend! These links will provide information I either agree with, use myself or have learnt techniques on getting traffic to my website.

search engine optimizationReally the main thing to remember is to be relevant in the content of your website, so pages with a name, have that name and variations of it throughout any text that might be on the page. Any pictures and other media like videos should also be relevant. Linking your content to other pages and websites will help to get links in return and every link is a vote! Below I will outline some things to do when making and publishing pages on your website. Please keep in mind this is only general basic stuff that will help you to have a fighting chance of ranking for words that you want to rank for, in no way can I promise that you will get lots of traffic. Anyway let’s get started…

1. Your Words Matter

The words on your page matter, so you can’t post nonsense and it must make sense. Make sure your writing for humans to read and not bots. If you want to rank for a particular word you will find it much harder than ranking for a “keyword phrase” plus a phrase is more likely to be searched for than a single word. So that keyword phrase and even key word should be used throughout the page in relevant ways using variations where necessary.

2. Links Are Votes

When you put a link on your website, it should be done in a contextual way meaning the link should be used in the sentence with the keyword or phrase in it. If possible you should give the link a title that describes in a few words what that link is about or for or going to and again it must be relevant.

3. Videos – Pictures & Other Media

When adding media to your websites page this media needs to be relevant as well, so when posting say a video from Youtube, things like the title and other content on Youtube becomes important as it must also reflect or be related to the content on your page as well. Pictures are a little different than videos, pictures still need to be relevant as well but you can also provide other information as well like ALT tags which are like titles for links.

Below is a video on the Yoast SEO plugin which is one of the more popular plugins people are using to optimize their WordPress website, it offers ease of use as well as effectiveness. I use and highly recommend it!

If you want the truth about SEO experts and how they work I have written an article that exposes some of the myths to reveal some cold hard truths about what search engine optimization really is and how it can benefit your website. Below I will list my posts on search engine optimization or SEO for you to read 🙂 .

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SEO Basics – An Seo Checklist Infograhic

I have been lucky enough to stumble across an infographic with a good SEO checklist. The graphic clearly explains the basics you should be doing to ensure your website page or post ranks effectively in the search engines. Find it below, share it, download it but most important of all USE it!

seo checklist

I will add more content here soon but for now what I have written so far will be enough to get you started, since I haven’t done this stuff for a while I need to refresh on today’s methods. As I learn what works and what doesn’t I will update this page so be sure to come back and see what I’m up to!