The Truth About Twitter Marketing – Myths & Facts You Should Know!

The Truth About Twitter Marketing – Separating Myth From Fact!

Find Out More On Twitter Marketing & Get The Free Tools At The End!

Twitter marketing myths are likely costing to you lose out on potential exposure on your Twitter marketing.

I’ve been working very closely with Twitter in the last few weeks to optimize my exposure on there as much as possible.

During that time I’ve read many articles on Twitter marketing and it seems either most are out of date or just completely wrong! In this article I will explain what is in my opinion some common myths surrounding Twitter marketing.

Lastly I’ll show you some cool FREE Twitter marketing tools I am using!

Twitter Marketing Myth – Hash Tags And Keywords

Twitter Marketing with keywords is probably the biggest fallacy I’ve noticed so far. This is where people tell you to only use 1 – 2 “#” on your tweet for some reason or another – usually it’s about the visual appearance or some rubbish. This is a complete myth especially now with the recent character increase to 240.

The truth is that you shouldn’t hash tag every word, but you should hash tag “keywords”. If there are half a dozen good targeted keywords related to your tweet by all means use them! Hash tags increase the visibility of your tweet but you want that visibility to be targeted or whats the point?

Clearing Up The Myth On Hash Tags!

What exactly do hash tags do anyway? The truth is that hash tags highlight a particular word, that word is grouped with other tweets, pictures, profiles and other content associated with that word. If you click on that word you will see the most recent relevant content related to that word.

People searching Twitter will find your or your tweets based on your keywords use, your profile words and your unique user name. Below I will outline what I consider to be the correct use of hash tags in your tweets.

Incorrect Usage Of Hash Tags

Example 1 – As a #digital marketing #specialist I can increase your business presence and help market your business effectively on the internet. Contact me now to find out how I help you.

Example 2 – #As a #digital #marketing #specialist I #can #increase #your #business #presence #and #help #market #your #business #effectively #on #the #internet. #Contact #me #now #to f#ind #out #how I #help #you.

Correct Usage Of Hash Tags

Example: As a #digital #marketing #specialist I can #increase your business presence and help market your #business effectively on the internet. Contact me now to find out how I help you.

Twitter Marketing Myth – How Often To Tweet?

Twitter Marketing Myth – How Often To Tweet? This is another misconception I’ve noticed in many articles as well. Most articles tell you not to tweet to often like maybe 15 times per day during peak times. The truth is this couldn’t be more wrong and if you have the content you could tweet every minute of everyday and should but only under the right circumstances! Below I will out line why you should tweet often as possible and under what circumstances.

1. Tweet more than 15 times per day – here’s why!

Twitter Marketing Myth – The average tweet only lasts 4 minutes before it’s passed the eyes of those who will see it. This means if you only tweet 15 times in a day your only being seen for 1 hour of the day at best and this will vary greatly depending on a multitude of other things like your audience, your keywords, content, pics and so forth. More likely your exposure will be a fraction of hour when taking all other things into consideration.

2. How often should you tweet?

So really you should be tweeting a minimum of once every 4 minutes but again this is only if you have the content and enough followers to do so. Twitter is like most search engines wanting unique content so there is no point tweeting the same thing 15 times an hour – this is spam!

3. Tweet different content as often as possible!

If each tweet is different and unique and leads to different quality content each time you will get a much better response to your tweets especially if you have optimized your keywords properly. So ideally if you have 360 articles that are evergreen you could tween one out every 4 minutes of 1 day.

Twitter Marketing Myth – Don’t Follow Your Competitors

Twitter Marketing Myth – Don’t follow your competitors. You don’t want your competitors to steal your followers do you? This is another piece of incorrect advice I have seen written as well. The truth is that there is more than enough people using Twitter that this doesn’t really matter. If your competitor has a large or small following it still doesn’t matter as I’ll explain.

Don’t follow large competitors – Wrong!

 If they are larger and have more followers you’ll benefit from some of them following you too. Not only that you can gain valuable new insights into your industry. As someone who has a smaller presence you get to gain valuable leverage of your much larger competitor.

Don’t follow smaller competitors – Wrong!

If they are smaller then your competitor will likely follow you giving you a the opportunity to become their influence. This gives you credibility and a highly likelihood of them retweeting your tweets building you new followers!

The main point to remember here are…

  • Do follow your competitors!
  • Do follow smaller competitors!

Twitter Marketing Myth – Don’t Tweet Other Peoples Content

Twitter Marketing Myth – Don’t tweet other peoples content. The idea of tweeting other peoples content seems counter productive as your meant to be getting people to your own content. This is another fallacy as not tweeting about other peoples content gives them no reason to share yours or even follow you! If you want people to engage with you on Twitter you need to engage them! Below I will outline how best to do this and why it’s important to tweet other peoples content.

So first I will start with why it’s important to tweet other peoples content. Tweeting about other peoples content related to your industry will give you more tweets to send out. As I said earlier it’s important to tweet often so this helps with providing your followers with other relevant information.

By tweeting and retweeting someone’s content you will get to gain new followers – this works only if your promoting someone who has a good Twitter following. You are also engaging with that person who tweeted so if they don’t follow you – they might want to as well. Their followers will see that you have tweeted that content and if your Twitter profile is optimized they may choose to follow you as well. You should tweet other peoples content as often as your own.

So just to recap a little here…

  1. Tweeting other peoples content is important!
  2. Tweet other peoples content often to engage with them and their followers

Twitter Marketing myth – Don’t Automate Your Tweets

Twitter Marketing Myth – Don’t automate your tweets as your followers will notice and stop following you or report you to Twitter. The truth is that you should automate much of your social media marketing not just your tweets. I’m not saying to automate every single tweet but as much as 80 % should be automated as who can really keep up with sending a tweet every 4 minutes or less? I have reached around 400k tweet impressions on a single account for the month already by automating my twitter account!

Let alone the time it will save you there are many reasons to automate much of your tweeting such as for branding purposes. Pre-loading and scheduling your tweets so that they get tweeted at certain times helps you to optimize your best times for tweeting. I’m not going to list all the reasons but suffice to say you need to do it if you really want to succeed in marketing on Twitter.

I’ve tried a few tools for automation of your social media marketing and I’ll list some at the end of the article for you.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Why should you believe me over everyone else? Less than 2 months ago I started with 3 followers. Today I’m approaching 2k followers in my main Twitter account and I’ve also started a second Twitter account that’s approaching 800 followers that’s only about 2 – 3 weeks old. I’ve done this no cheating only targeted following and tweeting, below you can my stats from only about a week ago.

Twitter traffic stats for the last few days

As you can see I’ve had over 4k profile visits, 65k impressions – there is one tweet according to Buffer that’s capable of reaching 48k impressions on it”s own with only a few retweets! I’ve gained 1.5k followers and had 171 mentions all from an account that had only 3 followers about 6 weeks ago. This only early days yet and only for a 28 day period.

Some Tools To Help Your Twitter Marketing

In order to help you get your Twitter marketing going I’m going to provide you with some of tools I’m currently using to great success with my Twitter marketing.

1. Social Oomph is a fantastic tool to automate your Twitter marketing. It also provides some fantastic features for building your Twitter audience and exposure. I like Social Oomph as it’s premium Twitter features is only $7 per fortnight.

2. Viral Content Bee is another great tool for sharing and gaining interactions on Twitter. The free account is enough to get you going really well. It will help you gain much exposure by helping you get other people to tweet and share your blog posts.

3. CrowdfireApp is probably your best FREE tool for growing your Twitter followers. It features smart filtering of your Twitter account to show you the best posts to like and accounts to follow. This is my current favorite social media tool!

Looking For More Digital Marketing Tools?

I’ve started listing all my favorite digital marketing tools on my tools page. These are tools I’ve used to increase my efficiency in social media marketing. So some will help you get more visitors to your website while others will help you automate your social media marketing or make video or graphics etc.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope this information helps your twitter marketing. If you like this article, use these tools, have other tools that work for you or just want to have your say please leave me a comment below 🙂

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