The Truth About SEO | What You Need To Know About SEO

The Truth About SEO

The Truth About SEO – So you want the truth about SEO? I’ll tell you about a conversation with a good friend, this friend has been interested in getting me to do some work with him. This work consists mostly of website design and SEO for small to medium businesses.

Being the smart businessman he is, this guy collects information from various sources and then checks the validity of those sources. However in this conversation he explained that he had a client that was recently scooped by a guy for $2k for a business website. This same guy had made an impression on my friend by stating that his holiday website had nearly 170 keywords and phrases in Google but none were on the front page!

If my friend knew like I do that this kind of keyword tool is available for anyone to use, he would know that what this guy had told him was nothing new. In other words this guy is simply relying on the fact that my friend does not know anything about search engine optimization to take advantage  and make a sale! This is actually the case with most so called SEO experts, they use tools that are freely available in most hosting accounts these days and then charge their clients for it!

The Truth About SEO Is It’s More Complicated Then Link Building!

The Truth About SEOMany people don’t know that Google also returns results based on things like location and personalized search. So just because your website shows up for you when you do searches related to your site, it does not mean that is the same for your neighbor or even someone using a different browser on the same PC or even the same browser same PC different session. Google literally processes tens of thousands different factors when deciding to rank a website for a particular keyword or phrase for each individual search!

The Truth About SEO – Some Other Truths The Experts Won’t Tell You!

Now for some other truths about search engine optimization that the “experts”will not tell you and don’t want you to know! The truth is many SEO experts really have little to no idea about what they are doing or what it takes to get website pages to rank for different keywords and phrases. This is because Google retracted nearly all of it’s available SEO tools like page rank and encrypted it’s keyword algorithms to make it harder to manipulate search results.

This all occurred in 2013 and is one of the reasons I got out of the practice of SEO as it was this time that I discovered that Google will be replacing most of it’s algorithmic search code with an AI named Deepmind. Deepmind is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems to date and it now handles over 70% of all search queries on Google!

How Do SEO Experts Work?

Any SEO work done on a website today is done by guesswork and following things like the last known page ranking formula Google was last known to use, this and Googles best practices guide on SEO. No SEO expert can 100% guarantee their work!

So what do SEO experts do to get their results? They charge their clients a fee to build what’s known as backlinks, these are links to their clients website, that come in many shapes and forms from links in articles that get shared around news websites and social media to social book marking and media sites.

Again most of these systems are now provided by a few tops firms, these top SEO firms have put togethor a toolbox for use, this is a free toolbox with pro versions available. These toolboxes can nearly automate 100% of the SEO practices making it possible for even a novice to become an “expert”at seo.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Many existing techniques for off page optimization of a website that search marketing and seo firms do is to build links, this usually involves selling a client a package that will help their website rank for “x keyword phrase” this package will be for the work of creating content related to that keyword phrase, that content will have links back to the client website and to other articles also with similar content and links.

The  content is shared to various places on the internet some of which does cost. As the content is shared the amount of links (with that keyword phrase) to the client website also increases giving it more authority and therefor a more deserving higher rank in the natural search. This is usually short lived as the content stops getting shared or becomes obsolete, so this needs to be done more often creating a dependency. If the website stops using this form of SEO so will the rankings drop!

On Page Search Engine Optimization

The Truth About SEO – On page optimization of your website is another thing that SEO experts address when helping a website to rank for certain keywords and phrases. This involves setting up the correct meta data and making sure some basic SEO rules are applied to every page of the site.

The meta data is found in the :<head></head> section of your website, it contains things that the search bot spidering and caching the page might expect to see while doing it’s job, these things include, keywords, keywords, phrases, geo location, author of the site and it’s content and many other things.

Other on page things are optimization of the content. So pictures must have alt tags and titles and links on the page should also have titles, these alt tags and titles should contain the same keywords and phrases found in the meta data of the website. The words on the page must contain varying uses of the keywords and phrases also found in the meta data. If your using WordPress a good plugin can help you with all of this 😉 .

If your website needs SEO to be done and you don’t want to pay huge prices for SEO work that has no guarantee, then I’d would advise logging into your hosting consul and begin to familiarize yourself with some of the tools you have available there. Another thing you can do is search Google for the term SEO and the top 3 – 5 listings (not the adverts at the top) in the search you do will show you who are experts in their or your area!

If your website is like mine and built using WordPress then I recommend installing the Yoast SEO plugin which can make some of the on page optimization of your website easier. So now you know the truth about SEO – what’s your next step?


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