The Truth About Free Website Traffic And How To Get It!

The Truth About Free Website Traffic

The Truth About Free Website Traffic And How To Get It!The truth about free website traffic is it’s hard to get for most people! If your just starting a blog or website the first thing you are going to want is visitors to your published site – right?

Without visitors to your website all your hard work is going to go to waste! This article aims to teach you the simple cold hard truth about free website traffic and also how to actually get it!

If your struggling with free website traffic or are paying too much for it then you really need to pay attention! I will separate fact from fiction and help you get that free traffic you’ve been wanting!



So Here Is The Truth About Free Website Traffic

The truth about free website traffic is that it’s easier to get then you might think! There are endless amounts of free website traffic just waiting for you to get it! It’s on social media, it’s on search engines, it’s in forums, it’s on blogs, it’s even offline! The truth about free website traffic is you have to go out and get it and it takes work – lots of work! So if your looking for a quick free ride to get free traffic to your blog or website you might as well as go join a free website traffic exchange!

So are you prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard? If so then you should keep reading.

The Truth About Where To Find Free Website Traffic

The truth about free website traffic and where to find it is it doesn’t always come easily or from just one source! Free website traffic comes from Google and other search engines, it comes from various social media websites, it comes from networking with other website and blog owners, it comes from offline and finally from hard work!

I’m not going to list all of these sources as there are far too many and if you managed to stitch them into one big machine that drives traffic to your site you would need dedicated servers! Instead of listing these sites and resources in this post, I’ve written one big main page article that will eventually encompass all aspects of getting free website traffic. This article lists various topics on getting free website traffic with additional articles written by myself or another industry experts.

You can find find that page here: free website traffic

The Truth About Free Website Traffic And How To Get it!

This day and age getting free website traffic is about creating or being an active part of communities in social networks. It’s not just about optimizing your website pages and posts for SEO. It’s about optimizing your pages and post for both SEO and social networks! And It’s about being active in social networks related to your particular industry or niche.

In the rest of this post I am going to talk about how to optimize your pages and posts for both SEO and some major social sites. How you optimize your pages and posts after reading this will be up to you. If you spend the time to make a page or post on your blog or site, you want it to perform right?

Keep reading for the truth on how to write a blog post that brings in free website traffic.

How To Write A Blog Post That Brings In Free Website Traffic

How to write a blog post that brings in free website traffic really should be your main concern. If you spend that bit of extra time to craft it in the following fashion you will be in good shape.

Let’s start with the basic stuff you want to do in a blog post for SEO.

How To Write Your Blog Post To Get Traffic From SEO

The Truth About Free Website Traffic And How To Get It!

Each post you write should be no less than 600 – 1000 words and really no more than 2500 – 3000. People want to read some information but not spend all day reading it. Your page or post should be informative and interesting and straight to the point. You should use  header tags to highlight the topic of the following paragraph. You should use the keywords you want to rank for in the headings and in the paragraphs.

Now if I kept on with the things you should do to SEO your page or post I would be here forever so instead I will suggest you read this SEO Traffic Generation Guide by one of my guest authors.

I would highly recommend that when building a website or blog that you use WordPress with Yoast to help with your SEO.

How To Write Your Blog Post To Get Free Website Traffic From Social Networks

How to write your blog post to get free website traffic from social networks is the last part of this article. This part ensures you will rank in search engines like Google but also get free traffic from social networks.

The Truth About Free Website Traffic And How To Get It!

We will start with the images you use in your website page or post.

Using Images To Get Free Website Traffic To Your Page Or Post

Using images to get free website traffic to your blog post or website page is quite important. By using images in popular sizes branded and optimized for the main social networks, you will see free website traffic as they get displayed properly. For example to have an image show up nicely in Facebook it should have a width of 700+ pixels.

The main social networks I have been focused with for images: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

My friend Dexter Rooner has written a great article on Pinterest Mistakes Bloggers Make. In this article Dexter speaks about the right kind of images to use on Pinterest.

The image just above will share well on Twitter and Facebook. It won’t do as well on Pinterest but it will do well in Google images. If you search Google for the name of this post this page will likely rank number 1. Google will show related images and the images on this page will be the ones it shows. Brand your images with a watermark or logo!

Using Video To Increase Your Free Website Traffic

The last few weeks I’ve been producing videos to help with my free website traffic. I’ve added to my marketing as it’s common knowledge that videos are the most shared content. Now when I make a blog post I make a short video with the highlights.

Just like the video you see below (normally I would put the video at the start of my post).


Now I have a different way to share my blog post and engage new (and returning) visitors. So now not only can I share the words and pictures of my post, I can now share the video too! Make sure you brand your videos with a watermark!

How To Increase Your Free Website Traffic – It All Starts With Your Page Or Post!

How to increase your free website traffic it all starts with your blog post! If you look over this whole article I have paid particular care to practice what I teach! Excuse the play on words!

There are more things I know that can be added to your page or post and I will cover those at some stage. I haven’t even added them to this post or website yet however it will be on the SEO side of things. Look over this blog post and you will see that I have used images that share well and a video to highlight my article. I have worked the search engine optimization side of it as well. I know that this article will do well on Google and it can be shared a number of ways.

Don’t forget to read my main free website traffic page where I list a growing resource of ways to get free website traffic.

Are you writing your blog posts like this yet? Leave me a comment and let me know how you get free website traffic now…

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