Gravity Drive – The Future Of Interstellar Travel

A gravity drive will get us to the stars and beyond. I’ve recently watched a few documentaries on what future space travel might be like and while some of the proposals have some merit, they are kind of short sighted. Many proposals are about speeding a ship up to a port of the speed of light, these proposals and systems are needlessly complicated and do not take into consideration a great many things. Instead of focusing on the short comings of other theories and proposals on this matter I will focus on what I believe will be the future of interstellar travel.

Gravity Waves Are The Key!

gravity driveThe first thing I need to establish is why gravity is the key, key is an emergent but fundamental force of the universe. Gravity behaves in waves like matter does in the quantum world, gravity is the stretching and bending of space-time into a well. Gravity waves travel at the speed of light. So far with what I have stated all of which are well known scientific facts, if you think about itf or a second you will realize that a ship out in space was to emit gravity waves in a particular direction, these waves would create light speed propulsion for the ship by bending and contraction space effectively forming a wave for the ship to ride on just like a surfer on a wave does out on a beach here on earth.

The stronger the wave of gravity the bigger the space craft that could be moved, realistically any craft would be extremely small likely on the nano scale, which brings me to the kind of space vehicle that would be transported. Due to the possible real world scaling, use and manufacture of nano materials most any kind of craft we build at this level will have limited abilities but as long as these abilities are in very particular areas this plan is completely viable and highly highly realistic in our lifetimes. The main functions of such a spacecraft would be it’s operations to arrive at it’s destination safely and what it’s duties are once it has arrived.  Since this craft will need to read gravity waves like we do a book, it will require sophisticated AI systems. The AI systems would be the only passenger and will be the key for the success of such kind of travel that to another star system.

The Ship Itself Will Be A Nanoship Running A Gravity Drive!

nano gravity driveThe ship will upon arrival choose a suitable local and begin to unpack itself with nano replicators that will produce everything that is required to live there comfortably as well as travel there through quantum teleportation. Many people if not all people who read this may consider this kind of travel as pure science fiction and if at all possible it won’t be likely for hundreds if not thousands of years, but I believe a working gravity drive technology will become available within the next 50 – 100 years at the latest. I believe that with the advent of artificial general intelligence it will be little to no time in the evolvement of that AGI into artificial super intelligence, with the pace of today’s technology and moores law I believe we will see the emergence of AGi and ASI within 30 years giving rise to the creation of nano systems that today we can only dream of!

Do you want to know more about current space travel technology?

The idea that a gravity drive will take us to the stars is just one idea. I would love to hear your thoughts on the gravity drive or any other ideas like an antimatter engine? Leave a comment below.

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