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Is Automation The End Of The Human Worker?

end of the human workerSo you want to be a taxi driver? Or maybe your going to be a pilot? Maybe a doctor? A teacher maybe? The end of the human worker is near and really it doesn’t matter what field of employment you choose to be in  it’s not going to last for long maybe a decade if your lucky I believe! As you will see from the following video no industry is really safe from the onslaught of automation that is coming our way in the next decade. When you envision your future you would like some kind of job security right? The sad fact is that with the coming age of automation that your choices are going to be limited to that of creativity so fields that are likely to last longer are multimedia, art, singing, programming, inventiveness and imagination of any kind will all be good places to get into, so I’d suggest upskilling into something related to or in these kinds of areas.

End Of The Human Workforce

So What Can We Do Now?

For now the end of the human worker will be a gradual thing to happen with the taxi industry likely to be one of the first industries to be affected. A better way to go these days which most Australians don’t really do is try to establish multiple incomes from investment, this does not necessarily mean monetary investment it can also mean an investment of time. An income stream can take either a lot of money and little time OR a lot of time with little money.  So the writing of a book for example can be time intensive but cost little to get published (especially this day and age). That book can earn you money with every sale creating an income stream, do this many times over and you have multiple income streams with little cost, this can be the same with multimedia, websites and blogs, apps etc. So if your like me try your hand at doing these things and learn them now and with a bit of luck.

Upskilling into creative areas will be another thing you can do as I mentioned just before the video. It’s ok if your not a creative person as I’m sure you have an imagination right? Now is the time to use it, the technology that is coming will enable you to utilize your imagination in unprecedented ways, such as designing things for 3D printing might be something to start learning. Your only limited by your imagination here so pick something that appeals to you that lets imagination out. Put your learning into some form of digital area and you’ll be safe so learn software design, learn how to create and edit your own videos, any kind of online artwork, photography,  learn how to invest money, research future trends and learn how to fill them and the list goes on. If you don’t believe it’s happening now you need to watch the video below!

This coming age of automation isn’t all doom and gloom though as it’s likely to offer unprecedented freedom. The freedom to work where ever you are whenever you want, have idea for something and you’ll be able to create it in minutes either in a virtual way or even for real with a 3D printer. Imagine waking up in the morning and after having breakfast you log onto your virtual work platform and do a couple design ideas for something your employer had asked you to come up with, while logged on you simply project your thoughts for the ideas onto the virtual screen in front of you, you do a couple of edits with the wave of your hand and send it off to your employer, you check a couple work related messages and maybe send a few then log out with your work all done for the day.

Below I have put video of a TED Talk on jobs of the future and what they might look like for most of us, bare in mind this isn’t centuries away, this is from NOW onwards so pay attention.

Another way to prepare for the end of the human worker in the future is to position yourself early in the cryptocurrency revolution that is taking place. I have written a post on what they are, what they do, how to get involved and more which you will find here. I’d also advise both reading up more on cryptocurrencies and also diversify by buying gold from KaratBars. Try blogging at Steemit.com which can help you get paid for your comments, posts and curations of web content.

Let me know what your doing to prepare for the end of the human worker? Leave me a comment below!

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