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Thank You For Registering Valued Author!

Thank you for choosing to be a guest author on my site! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. It also helps you in many ways to some of which I listed on the registration page. For now though I want to get to know you on a more personal level. So please open some of  the following links to my Facebook profile and  other accounts and add me as a friend - send me a message saying you are applying for the guest author competition. I will then look up your user account on my site when I get the requests and upgrade your account to an author account.

1. Facebook - Add Me On Facebook (Facebook is important for communication!)

2. LinkedIn - Add Me On LinkedIn

3. Twitter - Follow Me On Twitter

Tell Your Friends About The Competition!

Tell others about the competition and help them out with a chance to win. The more successful this is the more I will offer to pay each month. Since I'm looking for a quite a bit of content for my site we need to get the word out to other bloggers, digital marketers, website designers and so forth. 

If you have time please revisit the competition entry page and use the social icons on the side to refer some other bloggers you know.

Here is the link to the competition page (will open in a new tab).

What Happens Next In The Competition?

What happens next you might be wondering? From here you can login to your dashboard. -- Same as your WordPress dashboard!

There you can manage your account profile and post your article. If there are any concerns or issues please contact me. I will also send you an email from my personal Gmail account where you can contact me whenever you wish. 

Thank you again for entering  and I look forward to reading and promoting your article!