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SEO Traffic Generation Guide 2017-2018

Looking For The Right 2018 SEO Guide?


This article is part of a much larger SEO Guide.
This article explains everything in comprehensive detail all the
different aspects of SEO In 2018. Check out the SEO Guide 2018 here.

SEO Traffic Generation Guide

Success in blogging, selling products, your online business, whatever you are doing online is basically reliant on site traffic generation. In this article, we will be discussing some very simple SEO traffic generation ideas that will help you build traffic to your site or opportunity.

If you are blogging then it really all starts with SEO.

SEO traffic generation (search engine optimization) is the process used to make your pages Google friendly. It is important for 2 reasons:

  1. We want Google to like what we do so to optimize for the best search results we can get.
  2. SEO traffic generation (Search Engine Optimisation) is something that as webmasters we are in control of

So SEO traffic generation starts with us as webmasters and site owners doing everything that we can do our end to optimize our content. We can’t just get authority backlinks to pass link juice to us. We can’t just get mentions out of the gate. But we can optimize so that we have the foundation ready for what consistency and creating content with the best practices brings down the line.

SEO Traffic Generation Guide 2017-2018 

SEO optimization can be split into 2 categories, on page SEO and off page SEO. On-page SEO covers everything that we can do on our sites, we are in control of this. Off-page SEO, there are elements we can cover but it is more to do with building quality backings and gaining trust with Google.

On-Page SEO

Think of your page as a page on a newspaper. The story on a newspaper page is set out with headlines, quotes, images, all designed to make you read and keep reading

Headlines need to be attention grabbing because readers tend to skim pages and read those first to see if the article is relevant or interesting to them.

Headlines are categorized within SEO as Htags.

H1 is the most important tag and H2 second most important, H3 etc. The title of an article or a page tends to be H1 by default and a rule of thumb tends to be that you only have one H1 tag per article. Sub-headings should then be H2 and H3.

Keywords And Keyword Phrases

What is it that you are writing about? Select a good main keyword phrase that you can implement into your article title, your article URL and throughout the body of the post or page. Our keyword phrase for this article is “SEO traffic generation“, take note of the title of the article, the URL and the subtitles 😉

If you are using self-hosted WordPress then this is all covered by SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or the All In One SEO Pack Just write your article and turn the buttons green as your optimize your article for SEO.

seo traffic generation

Optimize your content as you write by turning the red buttons to green – Yoast SEO

Images Are Key In SEO Traffic Generation

Images are the key to generating traffic to your site. But there is more to it than just adding an image, you also need to optimize your images for SEO and social media. This is a very simple process. First, you must name your images with keywords before uploading.then you alternative text and add an image title attribute to describe your image. You can then add hashtags to the end of the title attribute to optimize for social media. When any of your images are then pinned for example to Pinterest, the description is carried over along with your hashtags. Hover over any image on this article and you see the description and hashtags.

It may also be appropriate to add a caption to your image. This is done to give more information or to give an image credit if the image is not yours or not free to use.


There are lots of mistakes made when it comes to internal and external linking. Internal linking is when you link previous articles that you write together to help the reader navigate your site. The mistakes are generally made though with a webmasters external linking strategy.

Linking to another site is like voting for them. And why would you vote for your competition if you want to outrank them in the SERPS? Well, Google doesn’t quite see it like this. Google search is all about providing the user the best experience, it is about the flow of information. Google doesn’t like dead ends. Linking out to authority sites continues the flow of information. Linking out to highly trusted sites qualifies what you write. Google likes that you are helping the user get the best user experience and this gives you a thumbs up. Do not fear linking out to authorities or pages providing quality information such as News Sites.

Social Media Branding

Once you have written an article you must share to all your social channels. You need to have a social presence on all on the top social sites. Tweet your articles out. Add them to your Facebook page. Pin your images to branded Pinterest boards. Make your social channels flow in design by using the same avatar, the same header image. Similar bios and link them all into your site. Over time when you search for your site on Google you will find that your social channels then rank and rack up behind your site in the SERPS.

So now it is over to you. How do you generate traffic to your site?

Do you have a SEO Traffic Generation strategy? Let me know in the comments below.



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