SEO Arrows – A Search Engine Optimization Technique

SEO Arrows is an old concept that I will use it’s also being done by others as well in the aim to optimize for different keywords and phrases . SEO or search engine optimization is the process a website owner undertakes to make their website rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO Arrows is a concept I have decided to put into process in order to create a more organized structure for both myself and others to follow.

Current search engine optimization and traffic generation methods from what my research tells me is that a blogger will write an article and post it on their website. Next they will rewrite that article and post it on a few different article and blog syndication websites with links back to their original article. After publishing their article they will share it on various social media platforms. Mainly Youtube (If its video content), Facebook, LinkedIn and also social book marking sites like StumbleUpon, Technorati etc. Most blogs auto ping certain RSS feed websites which notifies them of the new content on their blog site.

A Basic SEO Arrow

basic SEO arrowSo to make things easier to understand I have made a quick infographic to help illustrate the structure of a basic SEO arrow. First you need to write your blog post/article use Yoast SEO plugin ( If your using WordPress) to get an idea of how and what’s needed to post an effective blog post that is well optimized to rank in the search results. After you have written your article, leave the basic structure of your article but rewrite it completely, then post that article to a website like ArticleBase or any website that will allow you to publish your article with a link or even a few back to your original article. Next is to get the address of your newly published article and head to the social book mark sites to add it to their sites for indexing. See if you can get your article published on high traffic site that allow guest blogging. If you participate in any forums related to that topic see if you can find a post related to your article to post a link to that article.

Complete SEO Arrows

complete seo arrowAs you can see the process is quite similar to the basic SEO arrow except it’s 3 fold in size with easily 3 times more work involved but I believe that following this process for at least 1 in 5 posts you publish on your blog site will give you both a good chance to rank well but also create a good flow of traffic to your website or blog. I plan on doing both 1 basic and one complete arrow each week with the remaining posts to be more of a regular nature.

If you plan on paying someone or a company to do SEO for you but can’t afford too (like most) then I urge you to try this method as you will not only find it effective but also save yourself some potentially expensive SEO fees. I have written a post on the truth about SEO that explains how most SEO companies and individuals work and it’s well worth a read especially if you are already paying for or considering getting someone to do your SEO work for you.

Is SEO Arrows Outdated?

Yes and No! Let me explain this is a way to generate some back links. It’s only a very small part of SEO In 2018 as you will see if you read The Real SEO Guide For 2018 which list’s the majority or my SEO knowledge and research.

This is how I work when I do SEO on a website but I would love to hear what you’ve been doing and what’s been working for you!  🙂 Mind you I haven’t given away all my SEO secrets.

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