Why Most Offline Businesses Fail Marketing Online

Why Most Offline Businesses Fail Marketing Online

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Why most offline businesses fail marketing online can actually be a number of reasons so I’m going to list some of the main things I’ve noticed. In researching how to market businesses online over the recent months, I’ve noticed many problems with their online marketing plans.

Why Most Offline Businesses Fail Marketing Online

In the following article I will outline some of the issues I’ve noticed in my research. Many local businesses here in Australia really are still missing the big picture in marketing online.

Branding Some Businesses Get It And Some Don’t 

Why Branding Is Important For Your Business!

Why branding is important for your business is to build recognition of your company and it’s products and services. Some companies mostly the bigger ones that have full time IT experts understand this process. Everything you produce and post should be branded to your business! Pictures, videos, products and services – they don’t forget these things but what about their website and social media presence?

Every place you promote your business (free & paid) should see a consistent business image. If you advertise of Facebook – your business page header should match your group header and both should reflect your website or blog header.

How Is Your Call To Action Working?

If Your Business Doesn’t Ask A Potential Customer To Take Action Why Should They?

Why most offline businesses fail online is also due to not using calls to action properly. Not only do they fail to use or include calls to action but they don’t measure the conversion rate.

Everywhere you promote your business it should include a call to action! This means if the main social network you promote your business on is Facebook you should be including things like: call us, sign up, like our page, join our group or visit our site.

Every call to action should be designed to capture the details of the potential customer. The conversion process should also help you to identify the said customers needs, desires and so forth. For example if your call to action is visit our website it should take them to your site with a lead capture system like an autoresponder.

Having a call to action that can be measured is very important as how else are you going to tell if it can be improved?

Building A Customer List For Your Business

Is It Important For A Business To Build An Email Or SMS List?

Is it important for a business to build an online customer list? You bet it should be their main goal! Email or SMS lists are how you keep your customers engaged, help them to understand your product and much more! Why most offline businesses fail online is that they fail to build these contact lists. They either don’t try or just don’t do it right and yet it should be the core of their digital marketing.

There are many ways to build a customer contact or email list. I’ve written another article on the 3+ Easy Email Marketing Strategies That Work For Small Business that you might find useful.

Why Do Most Offline Businesses Fail At Digital Marketing?

Why most businesses fail online marketing online is blindly rushing in!

Most offline businesses fail at marketing online for many reasons, but aside from email marketing investing in their online business properly is another thing I have noticed. Because most offline business owners do not understand what’s involved they try and do things themselves to save money. There is nothing wrong with trying to save money but  let me give you a few examples to clear this up.

3  Examples Of Classic Small Business Online Marketing Mistakes

1. A small business owner will pay ABC webdesign company to build them a website. ABC webdesign charges $2000 and builds a beautiful website for the business owner. Now the business owner thinks that’s all there is to it – now they are online! While the business does have a website online it’s getting no visitors! But why?

2. A small business owner will pay XYZ marketing company $5000 per month to advertise their website. XYZ marketing company advertises on the radio, TV and newspaper which all incur costs. XYZ marketing company sends thousands of visitors at the website. The small business owner only gets $3000 in services or products sold and are running at a big loss. But why?

3. A small business owner will take out $2000 worth of online advertising. They pay for around 3000+ new visitors to their website only to find that they only get very few sales or leads. They double check their adverts making sure they are as targeted to their chosen industry and still get the same result! But why?

Does Your Offline Business Lack Strategy Online?

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with many offline businesses trying to marketing themselves online can be summed up with just one word – STRATEGY! If you don’t create an effective strategy to market your business online then you are pretty much doomed to failure. An effective online business marketing strategy will have this main goal – building a contact list! Your website is the ultimate tool to help your business do this!

Fix Your Online Businesses Marketing Plan!

So How Do You Fix Your Online Marketing Plan For Your Business?

Why most offline businesses fail marketing online is actually an easy fix! Through treating their online business the same as their offline business – did you blindly rush in? No you researched, learned. planned, worked hard and persevered didn’t you? 

So research before investing your money, ask questions before buying, get a second opinion if you need to! Learn as much as you can before getting involved. Work with whoever you hire to plan a complete marketing campaign. Work hard at ensuring you stick to that marketing plan and persevere until you succeed!

So just to recap quickly…

  • Start with a digital marketing plan.
  • Ask questions before buying a website.
  • Ensure your building a marketing list
  • Make sure you brand all of your content
  • Make sure you have a call to action
  • Learn as much as you can about digital marketing
  • Create compelling content
  • Analyze all your data!

Your digital marketing plan should always start with your website an expand from there. SEO is important for long term visitors to your site. Your website should have a number of ways to capture your visitors details. You should have a well rounded campaign to begin with and fine tune what works best for your industry. Your website should be easily found when searching for your business and or it’s products. I could keep going here!

Otherwise you can Contact me if you would like to find out how I can help your business market more effectively online. If you’ve enjoyed this article please don’t forget to share, like and leave me a comment 🙂

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