My Personal Journey With Depression & What I’ve Done To Beat It

My Personal Journey With Depression

My personal journey with depression began about 5 years ago almost to the day! Up until that point I could not understand how someone could be chronically sad, to me it was a simple change of mind. This lack of understanding was soon to be changed and a much deeper insight was due. 

my personal journey with depression

After an unexpected breakup with the mother of my 2 boys (details aren’t necessary), not long after I get serious news about my health after a physical for a job. I put my health problems aside and focused on trying to stop the banks from repossessing my house. This was short lived as my health worsened and treatment become imperative. My slide into depression happened during this six to twelve month period and my fight with depression began.

My World Was Shattered And Depression Set In

My world was shattered and depression set in. Coupled with my health problems It seemed like I had no future! No longer was my dream life possible, no longer could I be the father to my children that I wanted to be. The full time father in which I get spend time with my children everyday. No longer get to see them reach all their milestones as they grow from babies to young boys. There is a long list of things but you get my drift.!

What I’ve Done To Beat Depression

What I’ve done to beat depression is more than just one thing so I will break each thing down. These were not hard changes but they weren’t all exactly easy either as you’ll read. The main thing you need to remember though is this: If I have beaten depression than you can too!


The next thing you’ll learn is that self analysis is important but you need to do it the right way! Self analysis has played a huge part in my recovery but it was how I made one little change to this inner dialogue that really made the difference. I’m also not saying that what has worked for me specifically will work for you but it may help. Anyway I’ll get on with it.

Self Analysis And Self Reflection

This was probably my biggest tool in beating depression for it helped me to identify the cause. Without self analysis I wouldn’t of been able to understand why I couldn’t break this chronic ache to end everything in a fit of self pity.  I’ve self analyzed since my early 20’s but usually not with much success in improving the person I was. 

The problem with my self analysis was that I was doing it all wrong! I was trying to analyze why I had made certain choices which was OK but I was missing a bigger picture. Self reflection is different it’s about who you are and it was this element that was missing. Who Am I?

Create a new future for yourself

Creating a new future for yourself is very important for beating depression! It is likely either your future that is broken or it’s your self esteem and self worth. For me it was a broken future and what I mean by that is the future I had built up in my mind with my family was shattered by a break up with the mother of my 2 boys. I will not go into details but suffice to say the life I imagined up to that point was no longer possible.

So after some self analysis I realized this was a big part of my depression, with that new information I was then able to begin to imagine a new future. This wasn’t easy to do as my self worth had begun to be affected. It’s taken 3 years of mistakes, trial and error and many baby steps.

Create A New Future For Yourself But Don’t live In It!

Recently I read an article by a good friend, this article was the perfect additional reading for this article. The post talks about living in the present and is called: What A You Doing Today? It’s artfully written and worth reading!

The road to beating depression is a tough one, but with actively self reflecting on who you are and forming a new picture of a happy future you will overcome depression. I’ve found that by taking action on creating my new future I am much happier. This is my personal story with depression and how I beat it. Do you have a story to tell I would love to hear it! By talking about it we can all help each other move forward! Leave me a comment or tell me your story 🙂

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