My Ideas

Here I will begin to list my many many ideas and inventions. Most of these ideas are original or have original thinking in majority of the idea but may be based on other known processes or products and so on. Some ideas are purely theoretical, some are actual inventive ideas for new possible products and services, some ideas are for industries I know well and some are based on ideas for businesses for where I currently live, so there is great diversity in all that I will list. And for those that are looking for ways to make money on the internet I even have a few ways you can make money online by selling offline and other things most don’t do.

Just some off the top of my head as I write this: new implantable and trend setting devices, new ways to connect using lifelike dolls,  business ideas for aquarium manufacturers, themed restaurants with unique attractive food ideas, new ideas for saving energy, new ideas for vehicle engines and the list goes on….

Any idea you purchase from me will be negotiated between either my solicitor and myself and you and whichever professional you choose like accountants solicitor and so forth. All prices are negotiated at the time of purchase. Purchases can include full business plans, ongoing support and or partnership in an incorporated entity. Of course if your a start up specialist looking for the right “think tank” to partner up with then please do contact me!

1. Themed Restaurant (X5 unique theme ideas)

I have a few ideas for different themed restaurants all of which are unique as far as I know. This idea was first thought up for where I live in Devonport Tasmania but it will work anywhere that has any other kind of restaurant. The capital required to start this particular idea is likely to be upwards of $30k depending on the location and how much equipment is provided with the premises. In order to get all the details for this idea you will need to work out a compensation amount with me, depending what is decided between us I will be happy to help you set this idea up which would likely become an icon in it’s launched area quite quickly.

The minimum deposit for this idea is $500 AUD.

If your a serious investor and have a passion for food this would be a great opportunity for self employment initially but handled right this could easily be franchised out. If your serious and have the minimum startup capital then contact me to see what’s next.

2. Sell Hosting (Freeby as it’s not original)

This likely one of the easiest and cheapest ways a person can make money from the internet if they are both a hard work and persistent. Since up for a reseller account at hosting company like Hostgator where you can charge whatever you like for each hosting account you set up and sell. You can get a basic reseller account for $20, this will give around 10 websites that you can host (just a figure) for only $2 per site per month. If your in Australia most companies charge upwards of $20 per month for a similar service. So you can make $18+ per website you host on your reseller account, now do the math!

I will add some more ideas soon!