Make Money Gaming

make money gamingCan You Make Money Gaming Online?

One reason I set up this website was to help people make money gaming online.  I have done the research needed to both help myself make money gaming and you too. As I’m writing this I’m not currently earning money from gaming but that doesn’t mean you should stop reading. As I progress (if at all) I will update this page so depending when you arrive you may, or may not see whether I am successful with this. I have compiled all the information I need so lets get started with what I have done so far.

Sign up to both Youtube & Twitch and connected my PS 4 (XBox isn’t much different) which isn’t easy to do. So to help you I have found a video for you to use in case your struggling.

As you can see it’s been made a lot easier I made the mistake of trying to sign into the wrong profile. still though. Twitch is pretty much the same process as Youtube to connect your PS 4. I haven’t owned an XBox 1 (I will though) but knowing Microsoft I am sure it’ll be just as easy done now. I just read a good article that’s very thorough on making money gaming online with Twitch here.


Do I have to be a great gamer to make money gaming online?

Now you have read that you understand more about what it takes right now and I’m not a great gamer and I don’t have a camera to broadcast with. So I have taken other steps to help me make money gaming online and to ensure success.  So here are some other things I am doing.

  1. Website Design (medium term strategy).
  2. Designing Games (long term strategy).
  3. Created Many Ways To Share My Gaming (Short term strategy).
  4. Live Broad Casting Often on Both Twitch And Youtube.
  5. Researching Multiple Ways To Make Money Gaming Online.

Can I Make Money Gaming Right Now?

Yes I can with a little bit of effort (and some luck). I have signed up as an Amazon Affiliate allowing me to sell products through links, I ensure that I put those links in the description of each broadcast. The product would be the game I am playing with a bit of luck I will get a sale from someone who decides to buy the game. I have also created pages and posts on my website about each game with those same links and also Adsense throughout them. Adsense will pay me when someone clicks on an advert and Amazon will pay me if someone buys a game I advertise.

Below I have collected some great resources on Amazon to help you make money gaming.

[amazon_link asins=’1544245556,B00KH20QH8,B00S6YNFCC,B00HSXHAR8,B00NB2T014,B075FK7Z7W,B01DCH6SLW,B00SIH50QQ,B01D0MQKQC’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’richardmonsse-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’beff1e40-b7ea-11e7-b350-51f2896e6471′]

I will provide more information again soon.