Fishing Tasmania

Since a little kid I have enjoyed fishing and as such I have fished in a couple different states of Australia including Victoria, NSW, QLD and Tasmania. Most of my experience as a fisherman has been in Victoria and Tasmania.

In Tasmania all my fishing experience is limited to salt water fishing around the north west coast area where I live. Below I have a quick video of a nice little catch of a Trevally I caught off the bluff here in Devonport.

The trevally was caught using chicken which is a common salt water bait used around Tasmanian waters.

Banjo Shark Devonport Tasmania

Banjo Shark Devonport Tasmania

Another little catch was while night fishing at the same location, unfortunately I could only photo my catch which is a banjo shark. The bait I used was chicken.



I plan on doing more fishing as time allows and will update this page as I do, between now and then though I will add some resources for you to use including locations, Facebook groups, gear and whatever else I can think of. Below is a great little documentary on Bathurst Harbour Tasmania.

If your into fishing like myself I would enjoy hearing from you.

As well as fishing I also enjoy keeping them as pets, particularly Oscars. The Oscar Cichlid is a cousin to the Pirahna and other carniverous fish that normally inhabit tropical South American waters.

Here is what Wikipedia says about them:

oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) is a species of fish from the cichlid family known under a variety of common names, including tiger oscar, velvet cichlid, and marble cichlid.[1] In tropical South America, where the species naturally resides, A. ocellatus specimens are often found for sale as a food fish in the local markets.[2][3] The fish has been introduced to other areas, including China, Australia, and the United States. It is considered a popular aquarium fish in Europe and the U.S.

These are my Oscars having a feed – lol – They are much more entertaining then most fish I have kept. They often test their strength out on one another which can end in such a flurry of movement as to quite often catch any visitors I may have at the time to jump!