Learn How To Write Articles That Rank In Google

Learn How To Write Articles That Rank In Google

Learn How To Write Articles That Rank In Google

Introduction: Learn how to write articles that rank in Google easily! SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of my best skill sets. While my knowledge isn’t as extensive as say Matt Cutts I do have pretty good understanding of what it takes to rank an article or blog post. In the following article I will outline some of the key things you will be able to do yourself to achieve similar results!

Learn How To Write Articles That Rank In Google – But First Some Evidence!

Evidence: Learn how to write articles that rank in Google needs proof first doesn’t it? First  I will show you some evidence of my results! Do a search on Google yourself for these keywords: free website traffic guide – what do you see after the adverts? Someone still has position 1 but right underneath in second and 3rd place are 2 of my blog posts! You can actually do variations like free traffic guide and I may even rank number 1 in some of them!

Learn How To Write Articles That Rank In Google


One last spot of social evidence, here is a link to my Klout profile – notice my expert status?

Now Let’s Learn How To Write Articles That Rank In Google!

Preparation: First let’s ensure you have the right tools to help you learn how to write articles that rank in Google. It’s worth noting that with or without the tools I offer you I can write a good website page in HTML and achieve similar results, this is how I first started and have moved over to use various tools as has become necessary.

Let’s talk about your blog or website. If it’s using WordPress.com then your already halfway home, if your not it’s worth using it for your next website/blog. Next install the Yoast plugin and run through the configuration wizard. I use Yoast for the way it monitors your writing constantly telling you the flesch reading score and other valuable information. Also include a plugin for fast caching of your website as well as structured data like schema.

For those plugins I recommend using WP Super Cache & Autoptimize.

Yoast will help your articles rank in Google by listing information like:

Whether you are linking properly, whether you have enough words, what your keyword density is, whether you have used <H1> and other properties correctly. You can read more about it in the SEO Traffic Generation Guide.

Learn How To Write Articles That Rank In Google In Just Minutes!

Benefits: Learn how to write articles that rank in google in just minutes – literally! If you learn how to write your blog post and then submit it to the search engines for indexing it can actually show up in minutes! Personally I don’t do this as I know that good linking combined with valuable social signals will usually bring search engines to index my site anyway. But trust me if you write an article that is structured properly with various content like pictures, videos, proper keyword density, use of various <h> tags, alt tags, title tags, fresh new content from comments and all the rest – submit via your Google Search Console and what the results in search!

Structure Your Post Correctly And Rank It In Google

Look over this whole article or blog post. It’s visibly structured with pictures, video, links to other sites and sources of information. On lower priority titles I use lower priority <h> tags. I’ve used the terms I want to rank for in multiple ways. I’ve used those keywords in link title and in alt tags. The entire way this post is structured is your key to reproducing the same results for yourself. 

So as Neil Patel (who currently has 1st position for the key search term I’m aiming for) says:

  1. Include the keyword in your title.
  2. Include the keyword a few times in each article.
  3. Include LSI keywords.
  4. Include the keywords in H2 or H3 headings.
  5. Increase length.
  6. Improve readability.
  7. Update frequently.

I personally think most of this is good advice with the key difference of using medium tail keyword phrases instead of long sting indicator keywords. For best results I would combine the use of each throughout your article. Using variations of your keywords is a must rather than just using the keyword a few times. Google is much smarter now (I will explain more later) and it will use the variations (among 10,000’s other ranking factors) to determine your ranking.

What Kind Of Content To Use To Help Your Article Rank

What content do you use when learning how to write an article that ranks in googleBy using various forms on content you will learn that it helps to rank your article too! As you will notice I’ve used various pictures in various sizes. Using various sizes helps make your content more sharable on various social networks. Use video you’ve put on Youtube that’s related to your content, this helps with engagement and lowers your bounce rate plus other things.

Use info graphics if you can, these are great for creating content pillars. Create descriptive graphics to illustrate tand data your referencing. Ensure people can comment on your article or blog post, reply to those comments. The more engaging your content the better your likely to rank.



What Other Things Will Help Your Articles Rank In Google?

Making sure your blog post or article is ready to receive visitors. Proof read your post and ensure that it’s an article you would read. Make sure you can have new content added to your blog post by having comments added by visitors and responding to them. I know I’ve said this before but it’s important to have fresh content! Having “like” and “share” buttons working correctly – hope all mine are working – lol – check for me and share this article now  😉

Really take the time you need to make your blog post or article is the best you can make it! Typically I spend a good 8 hours or more writing my blog posts these days.

What To Do After You Publish Your Article To Help It Rank In Google

Now you have published your article but it doesn’t stop there. If you really want to learn how to write articles that rank in Google then you need to do a fair bit more work. So follow these few steps next and it will help you immensely! This is where social SEO begins, I like to calls these SEO Arrows myself. This is where you set up your social networks and others to create, backlinks, bring new visitors and get your new content shared.

Share Your Newly Published Articles Via Social Media

First share your new post to your social networks, for me it’s Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & G+. I also have my blog set to do it automatically 😉

Side note: With Youtube.com I make my post, then use it as a basis to make a video. I upload my video to Youtube ensuring there is a link to the article I published. I then embed my new video on the post.

Search Up And Comment On Related Blog And Forum Posts

Next search your keyword phrase in Google. Check search listing to see if you can comment (hopefully with a do follow link) – leave a thoughtful comment! If your offered a link put the link to your new post – not your main domain name. If your posting on a forum check the user rules before posting your links!

Social Book Marking Your New Article To Help It Rank

Social book mark sites like Reddit.com and Digg.com are a great way to get Google to index your site quickly. In fact by doing everything so far from sharing on social networks to commenting and sharing to book marking sites you will get your article indexed quickly. I need to focus more here and will be in the near future. Most of the time I will see my posts rank within a day or two but like I mentioned earlier you can submit for faster results.

Re-Write – Re-blog Or Curate Your Article On Social Blogs & Article Directories

Re-blogging, curating and rewriting your article for other social content networks is another great way to increase what’s called back links. If you’ve written a good article (from your now old one – lol) it will be shared, voted on and other things. You can also just write a whole new article that’s related to your original one. This should compliment your main or first article topic. If your submitting to an article directory like HubPages you will need to be very careful about re-writing your content as if it’s even remotely like yours they will ban you!

Get Traffic To Your New Post Quickly To Help It Rank In Google

Getting visitors to your new post quickly to begin sharing it really shows Google your site has new content. Google loves new content – right? So to do this make sure you add your new article(s) to relevant adverts on social networks. Add it to your SocialOomph.com Twitter queue so it’s being tweeted. If you run pages and groups like I do on Facebook – add it as a pinned post. There are many ways to get visitors to your new article quite quickly but mostly it’s all about leveraging the traffic from social sites.

Why Do We Need To Go To All This Effort To Rank Articles In Google?

Google should be your main aim for getting targeted website visitors. Social sites are for engagement and measurement of your content. If you are not optimizing and writing your articles to rank in Google your likely going to struggle. We need to create our articles this way due to Googles main ranking system formerly known as Deepmind and upgraded to Rank Brain to be used in Googles ranking.

What Is Google Rank Brain & Why Does It Affect The Way I Post?

Google Rank BrainGoogle Rank Brain is an AI software program that Google uses to perform search queries. Rank Brain uses it’s AI to compute large amounts of written language into vectors, so it can understand. If a vector does not perform well it is disregarded for more favorable one. If I go into to much detail about Rank Brain at this point would be too much information on one page.  Suffice to say that it’s who you need to please to get your article ranking. Most people will tell you to write for your audience – this is only partially true. Write for Google too as it knows what people likes – it’s been trained to and it’s crunched the data!

Learn How To Rank An Article In Google – Summary

Summary: Take advantage of the tools needed to make all this easier. Use various content like pictures and videos to engage your visitors. Structure your posts and reference your sources. Ensure new content gets added to your article. Write for people but don’t forget Google knows what people want! Promote your article to get your new post published and seen quickly. Be genuine and transparent because Rank Brain will know! I wonder how Google will rank this article?

Have you enjoyed my article on learning how to write an article that ranks in Google? Let me know via a comment and don’t forget to share!

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