Free Website Traffic From Twitter! Proof Twitter Increases Your Visitors!

How To Get Free Website Traffic From Twitter?

Increasing Your Free Website Traffic Using Twitter – The Easy Way!

Free Website Traffic From TwitterFree Website Traffic From Twitter – Can it really be done? For the last 2 -3 months I have been experimenting with Twitter. Learning how it now works after it’s updates since I was last on it has been fun! Starting only about a month ago I only had 3 twitter followers this is now approaching 600 on one account. I have now started a second account to run the experiment again. So far I get about 1 – 2 clicks per day on my tweets. So the answer to whether you can get free website traffic from Twitter is a definite YES!

In the following article I will outline the methods I have used so you can do the same. Using these methods you can easily get 1k of new targeted followers per month!

How To Increase Free Website Traffic With Twitter

How Do You Use Twitter To Increase Your Website Traffic Free?

Obviously to get started you will need a Twitter account so if you don’t have one yet go get one now. Next you will want to optimize your Twitter account to convert properly. To do this I have made a point list for quick reference.

  1. Use a well designed relevant header – size is: 1500px wide & 500px high.
  2. Edit all your personal details – be transparent about who you are.
  3. Ensure you have added a link to your website.
  4. Use a pinned tweet with a video (uploaded to Twitter) or bright (click here) type picture with a link.
  5. Don’t use #hash tags in your bio – only links and text!

Building Your Twitter Followers Gives You Free Website Traffic

How Do You Get More Twitter Followers?

By following the right people you can gain new twitter followers which is the best way to build your followers. So let’s talk about how to build your Twitter followers. I’ll outline some general things you can do but I’ll also show you some great tools to make the job easier and less time consuming.

If you set up your profile properly you will get the occasional person click through from there to your website. So if your not constantly building new twitter followers your missing out on free website or blog traffic just there! I’ve already told you one way to build your Twitter following next I will give you another tip: RT or retweet things that interest you in your timeline. Your timeline is made up from what appears to be your followers tweets as well as who you follow. If you RT your followers they will appreciate you and continue to follow you. RT shows you care so do it may 4 – 6 times 2 – 4 times a day.

The Best Way To Grow Your Twitter Followers For Free

What is the BEST way to grow your Twitter followers? This Is How It’s Done!

You can try which is free – just register using your Twitter account. Twiends is a nice little platform where by using keywords and interests you can follow other Twitters users for free. You can also choose to follow people by country as well. Using Twiends you can add around 40 – 50 new followers per day. It works on a reciprocal basis where you follow people and they will follow you back (not always but most of the time).

Perhaps the best tools I have found to grow your Twitter followers is with CrowdfireApp & SocialOomph. With these 2 tools I have gained many followers. I use both of these tools for different reasons as I will explain.

Using SocialOomph To Get Free Website Traffic From Twitter

SocialOomph is a great tool for scheduling your evergreen tweets. With this tools I set up ques with posts from my blog (like this one) as well as inspirational and empowering quotes. You see in order to be seen on Twitter you need to be tweeting often. If someone is following thousands of others then your competing with them for your tweets to be seen. So I highly recommend trying SocialOomph to tweet as often as possible – use their 2 weeks trial to test them out!

Using CrowdFireApp To Get Free Website Traffic From Twitter

I use CrowdfireApp to grow my followers on a targeted basis – sometimes I get 100s daily to just one account! CrowdfireApp is perhaps my favorite social media automation tool. It works by analyzing your Twitter account and then provides you with a list of things to do. This includes liking the optimized posts (by other people), following targeted accounts, removing inactive or non following accounts and also suggesting optimized content from either your own blog or others (via RSS). You get to add many different social accounts (but only one of each unless you upgrade) but I mainly use it for to grow my Twitter accounts. 

Get Free Website Traffic From Twitter With CrowdfireApp

Posting Correctly To Twitter To Get Free Website Traffic

Some tips: Getting free website traffic from Twitter is best done by posting correctly – try doing the following. Using hash tags correctly, hash tags highlight keywords related to your post. Over use doesn’t look good and doesn’t help your cause. Use hash tags conservatively. Make your tweets pop with video or a nice glossy bright picture. When posting to Twitter ensure you pin an attractive one to the top of your profile page. This pinned tweet will likely be the second place after your Twitter bio link, so also be sure it links to your site.

Proof That Twitter Works Great To Give You Free Website Traffic

Here Is Some Proof From My Twitter Traffic

Remembering I’ve only been at this for a few weeks I’ve posted my stats below. So far my tweets have earned 48k impressions. I average about a 1.7 engagement rate. I get about 1 click per day from Twitter. Fast forward 12 months from now I will have a 100 times this!

my free website traffic from twitter stats

The above picture was taken 2 -3 months ago! Today I have several accounts on Twitter with my first account fast approaching 5k and a second account heading towards 3k. With automation of my tweets I have seen nearly 400k tweet impressions just on 1 account for the month! 

Twitter traffic stats

Some More Twitter Stats From My Account – Notice The Clicks!

Twitter Traffic Stats

As you can see I’m averaging 4 link clicks per day. This is equal 120 visitors per month just from this one account. I have mentioned multiple Twitter accounts right? I now have 5 Twitter accounts and am averaging around 1 – 3 clicks per day from each of them as well – do the math? It’s no less than 15 visitors per day or 450+ per month – just from Twitter and a few minutes work each day! 

Are The Numbers As Good As They Can Be?

My numbers do fluctuate quite a bit and my engagement level could be a lot higher as can the clicks. These figures would be much higher if I was more focused on this part of my business plan/strategy. I have been focused on other projects (WottsUp Tasmania & some client sites) and let the content and post’s schedule run out quite a bit. Because I experiment quite a bit I know how to lift these numbers as you will read when I update my post on the truth about twitter marketing – myths & facts you should know!

So to recap: Start with Twiends and follow about 40 people per day. Use Twiends interest targeting to get better quality followers. Retweet your followers 3 – 4 times, at least 2 – 3 occasions per day. Use hash tags properly with your keywords. Optimize your account and use the FREE CrowdFireApp account to grow your followers fast!

This is my strategy for getting free website traffic from Twitter whats yours? Leave me a comment tell me what you think and don’t forget to share  🙂

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