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Free Website Traffic From Traffic Exchanges

Free website traffic from traffic exchanges is not what you think it is! If your new to the world of getting free website traffic from traffic exchanges, you need to keep reading! Below I will explain what you need to know about traffic exchanges.

free website traffic from traffic exchanges will cost you money!

Getting Free Traffic From Traffic Exchanges Will Cost You Money!

Getting free website traffic from traffic exchanges will actually cost you money in the long run! I can understand your need to get free website traffic. I’ve been there a few times now and it’s not easy to do. So I’ll help you to actually get free some website traffic towards the end of this article. First I’ll explain  how it’s likely costing you money using traffic exchanges and some other reasons on why to avoid traffic exchanges.

The reason it will and likely is costing you money is as follows:

  1. By placing your website or blog into a free traffic exchange trying to get visitors, you could be violating the terms of any PPC you have on your website. Adsense definitely does not allow their adverts to be shown or clicked from traffic exchange users.
  2. By spending your time surfing a traffic exchange for credits you are not doing something that could be earning you money. For example: If you wrote a well SEO optimized blog post with that time, you would likely get REAL free website traffic from Google!

Free Website Traffic From Traffic Exchanges Isn’t What You Think!

Here’s what you need to know about getting free website traffic from traffic exchanges. It’s probably the lowest quality traffic you can get! Even buying traffic from free traffic exchanges is low quality and no different from the free traffic you get from just clicking for visitors.

free traffic from traffic exchangesI’m not saying all traffic exchanges are bad, some can have there merits, even they still give pretty low quality free website traffic. There are some ways you can get free website visitors that are of a similar nature but slightly different. A good example of these are banner exchanges and slightly better again are widgets exchanges.

What Do I have Against Free Traffic Exchanges?

Nothing really. In fact I use to own and operate one many years ago. It’s this fact that makes me a rather knowledgeable person on them and why you should trust me. In fact here is the place I bought my traffic exchange script it’s called . At one stage there was and likely still are hundreds of traffic exchanges running on their software.

I just think that when it comes to getting free website traffic there much better and more effective ways. If you keep reading I will tell you more about getting targeted traffic to your site.

Here is another article I wrote recently about whether traffic exchanges do work. The article will also tell you what a traffic exchange is. And if you really must use them I’ve given you a little top.

What Is A Banner Exchange? How Does A Banner Exchange Work?

  1. A banner exchange is a free ad network that works similar to traffic exchanges. The difference is instead of rotating entire websites it’s only banners.
  2. Each time you show a banner on your site you earn a credit. Each time your banner is shown on someone else’s site it will cost you a credit.

What Is A Widget Exchange? How Does A Widget Exchange Work?

  1. A widget exchange is a free ad network that is very similar to a banner exchange. The difference is these are more contextual and target mostly blogs.
  2. Each time someone clicks on a widget on your site you earn a credit. Each time your widget is clicked on it costs you a credit. Some don’t work with credits at all.
  3.  These type of visitor exchanges do not violate most PPC networks that I know of. It does however violate Adsense terms of service.

These types of traffic exchanges offer reasonable & free website traffic. Below you will find a couple of books I highly recommend reading before starting with banner and widget exchanges.

Get free website traffic

The Best Ways To Get Free Website Traffic

If you want my honest opinion on the ways to get free website traffic or visitors I will tell you! Basically it comes from 2 sources really.  Below I will outline what they are and why they are the best.

The Fastest Way To Get Free Website Traffic That Is Targeted

The quickest way is from social media websites. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest are full off people all the time! People on social media often click on informative, educational, funny and all types of pictures and links. Because people have chosen to take action because an interest this makes it more targeted.

Long Term Free Website Traffic That Is Highly Targeted

The other high quality source of free website visitors is from search engines. SEO or search engine optimization is and can be difficult though. There is quite a lot involved and it can be rather technical to most people. I personally quite enjoy seeing my efforts to properly SEO a website page rank in Google.

Below is some highly recommended reading on both SEO and social media. These will tell you everything you need to know about getting real free website traffic. This kind of traffic will actually visit your site and buy that product or service you are offering!

Social Media And SEO Go Hand In Hand To Get you Loads Of Free Website Traffic!

The above to resources I mentioned actually go together. A good SEO strategy involves using social media. Also a good social media campaign requires elements of SEO in order to make it successful. Make sure you get at least one ebook on each topic!

As you read and learn from you’ll soon see what I mean.

In summary: Don’t use traffic exchanges! You can use banner exchanges and widget exchanges many people do! The fastest free website traffic comes from social media! The best long traffic is from doing SEO. Social Media & SEO work best together!

Another basic guide on generating traffic in 2017 – 18 is available on this site, it’s written by an excellent author.  Another good read is an article I guest published on Social Media SEO.

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article! I also hope that I’ve helped you from making a big mistake! Are you currently using Social Media or SEO effectively in your online business yet? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


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