Easy Ways To Get Fast Free Website & Blog Traffic From Facebook

Introduction To Free Website Traffic From facebook

Introduction: Easy ways to get fast free website and blog traffic from Facebook is what I will be discussing in this article. As I find my feet in social media marketing I've pretty much got my Twitter marketing soughted I've began turning my attention to other social media sites.

With Pinterest I've massively increased my following and views, Twitter is a marketing and news machine, and now Facebook is beginning to happen. Recently on Facebook I have experimented in various ways. This article will explain the  easy ways I've generated free website traffic from Facebook almost on demand in some cases! Before you start read my article on How To Write Articles That Rank In Google!

Getting Free Website Traffic From Facebook - Myths!

The easiest way to get free website traffic from Facebook isn't what I've seen some courses and so called gurus tell you. The most common myths are are that you need to create your own business page and Facebook group. They tell you build up big audiences so you can direct it at your website or blog. Let me tell you it's mostly hogwash as you don't need to do any of those things. If you ask them most admins don't actually earn anything from monitoring groups or pages - it's a labor of love! I will admit there are some who have worked it out though.

The best to get free website and blog traffic from Facebook is actually very easy. I'll explain some of the things I've been doing and explain which is best and why. I will be taking a much closer look at Facebook marketing this year so stay tuned for that as I'll be leveraging big groups for local companies!

The Main Way To Get Free Website Traffic From Facebook

The easy way to get free website traffic from Facebook is through finding and participating in active groups. This is probably your best choice to begin with if your blogging for an income. If your a novice blogger then a Facebook Group like (PAC) Power Affiliate Club might be a good choice. It has an active and supportive small community of niche bloggers. These guys are fantastic as they will help you on so many levels. If you would like to become part of their community add me as a friend on Facebook and I'll introduce you.  

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Easy Ways To Get Fast Free Website & Blog Traffic From Facebook

​​Participating in Facebook groups is best!​​​

The next easy way to get free website and blog traffic from Facebook is sharing to active groups. For the purposes of this and likely the rest of this article I'll be referring to my post on are cryptocurrencies like bitcoin a scam. I picked a controversial and trending topic. In fact it's probably the hottest topic on earth right now. So with this well aimed post that presents arguments why people shouldn't get involved in just any cryptocurrency I tried a few different things.

Posting In Facebook Groups For Free Website & Blog Traffic

I tried posting my article directly to a very popular and high trafficked Facebook group with over 150k followers. Even though I thought my article would be well received given the general feel towards cryptocurrencies - this was not the case! Many seen it as an attempt to do just what I wanted and visit the post. I was considering joining a few groups focused on cryptocurrencies but decided the result would be the same.

Rethinking how to approach this I instead waited for someone else to post something related to cryptocurrencies. This time I wrote a comment on a popular post promoting cryptocurrencies - this was my que! I then commented saying it was something to be very wary of and if they wanted to know why then they should read my article on it . When I added the link to my comment it brought up the featured image which had 2 little men on it holding a big sign saying "This could be anyone!". The result was great - most people actually liked the comment!

Making Comments On Adverts To Get Free Website And Blog Traffic

This technique of using other peoples adverts to get fast free website traffic from Facebook was also a great success! Since cryptocurrencies are so popular right now (and because I've done some research into them) Facebook adverts about them are everywhere on the site.

The Facebook Advert Free Website Traffic Hack - While making comments on posts I decided to see how successful the same type of comments would be on paid adverts. This was a mixed result based on how often the adverts were seen across Facebook. Sometimes I got lucky with an early comment on a heavily promoted advert. Other times even though it looked promising either the advertiser would see the comment and delete it or mark it as spam. The best ones to comment on I found after a few tests ones that have a number of comments already. 

I've found a cool hack for free #website traffic from #Facebook - read it here!

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The Downsides Of Getting This Type Of Free Website Traffic From Facebook

This type of free website traffic from Facebook has limitations. It can be time intensive finding the rights posts and adverts to comment on. You need to leave substantial or thoughtful comments which can take time to write tactfully. You need to keep commenting as adverts stop or posts lose popularity.

Free Website Traffic From Facebook Summery

The Ends Results From 1 - 2 Hours Per Day Commenting On Facebook

website traffic stats from Facebook experiment

Summery: The best way to get free website traffic from Facebook is through active participation! This can come in many forms from commenting to posting in groups. 1 - 2 hours commenting equals about 50 new visitors per day. For constant flow and better engagement of your visitors from Facebook starting your own group and business page is advisable.

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