Do Traffic Exchanges Work? What Is A Traffic Exchange?

Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Do Traffic Exchanges WorkDo traffic exchanges work to get you traffic? Yes they do but it’s not what you would call quality or targeted traffic. Traffic exchanges work in a variety of ways to get you free website traffic. Really the name says it all it’s an exchange of visitors. You look at my site and I will look at yours. So yes traffic exchanges do work to give you website visitors. The question you really need to ask yourself though is this: do traffic exchanges work to provide quality traffic? If by quality traffic I mean un-targeted unqualified website visitors then yes they do! So if you don’t care where your visitors come from and you don’t have Adsense on your site then maybe check them out.

Traffic Exchanges Are Considered The Bottom Of The Barrel For Free Targeted Website Traffic.

Because of the nature of traffic exchanges they are considered to be a complete waste of time. Over 10 yrs ago I actually owned and operated one for a couple of years. During that time I learned many different ways of developing leads from traffic exchanges. In fact I built my first 1k+ email list using them! So personally I think traffic exchanges do work if used correctly.

What Is A Traffic Exchange Anyway?

What is a traffic exchange website? These are websites that typically offer a service of sending visitors to your website for a fee. More often than not it’s likely many newbies end up there trying to get website visitors.

Typically there are 2 main types of traffic exchange. They are:

  1. Manual Traffic Exchange – A manual traffic exchange is a website that provides a service for website owners in return for traffic.
  2. Autosurf Traffic Exchange – An autosurf traffic exchange is similar concept but it’s a website that auto rotates visitors.

If your a website owner that is looking for quality buying website visitors then these probably aren’t the place for you. This is not to say that traffic exchanges are totally useless to a well rounded marketing strategy. Below I will outline a powerful lead generating system. This system will help you to tap into and take advantage of traffic exchanges. If you offer a service, product or information related to generating website traffic this system will not be of interest to you.

Do You Want To Use Them? Then Do Traffic Exchanges Work For Your Business

This system will help you make sure traffic exchanges do work to bring in fresh leads.  Sign up  3 – 4 of the traffic exchanges I’ve listed below, these are the top traffic exchange sites. Since they are the top ranked exchanges they will work fine for this system.

Free website traffic to your site! The Most Popular Traffic Exchange


Some of these have been around now for more than 10 years and have thousands even millions of users. So you’ll be needing to standout when implementing this system. Now that you have signed up to those sites, you need to set up the system.

A Simple But Effective Use For Traffic Exchanges

1. Each traffic exchange offers a referral system, by referring others you’ll earn a portion of their traffic. To make it easier to refer others the traffic exchanges offer splash pages. Simply use 1 splash page from one traffic exchange in another until you used all available pages and allowed links to be added. Make sure you save space to add 1 Landing Page you’ve written in each site.

2. Make a landing page for each traffic exchange. So for Traffic G for example your landing page should target Traffic G users. Your landing page should be already loaded with an autoresponder that has emails ready to go. Your emails are your tool to convert the leads you capture!

3. Putting it altogether! As you surf the traffic exchange to build up credits, your splash pages will get shown building your referrals. The more referrals you get the less you’ll need to surf as it’s called. While your surfing to build your referrals your also randomly showing your own landing pages. After a while your referrals will generate enough credits so you don’t need to surf. At this point simply add more landing pages and split test to find the most effective lead capture.

Now Go And Make Sure That Traffic Exchanges Do Work For You!

That is the traffic exchange lead capture system in a nutshell. It’s not for everyone though. There are 2 final tips I can give and it’s this:

Tip 1. Make this system work for you 2 fold and teach people in the system do the same as I taught you.

Tip 2. Do not make this a main area of your promotions as a way to get free website traffic.

Lastly I want to give you as much information to make sure that you do traffic exchanges work  setup properly and benefit from them. If you enjoyed this article or have questions please feel free to comment below or contact me!

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