Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Gravity & Mass

I have been yet again pondering the dark matter problem and something occurred to me and that is that scientists may have been making the wrong assumption about atoms and electrons. If we take away the “matter” from the electron(s) and the entire atom what is left? Most scientists would say there is nothing left however we know that there really is no such as nothing and with that in mind I propose that after all the normal visible matter is removed from an atomic structure that what is left is dark matter.


Dark MatterSo pondering that idea I will follow the logic I see and hopefully it may lead somewhere!

If I had to say where the evidence is, of dark matter in an atom then I have to say it’s when we excite an atom to the put of an electron jump, when it jumps radiation is released. The electron jumping it’s orbit around the nuclei to another orbit and releasing radiation indicates it could be interacting with dark matter that is also caught in orbit.

Dark matter clumps and interacts with itself, and matter clumps or is caught by the dark matter gravity. When matter forms it actually “houses” dark matter in its particles. The Higgs field would potentially be where the dark matter and therefore gravity (we know it helps form the higgs-bosun particle which gives mass to other particles) and mass come from, Einstein called it the cosmological constant. They are all potentially the same thing and depending on the energy or forces it is subjected too it will create the emergent properties of dark matter, dark energy, mass and gravity.

I believe it’s also possible that unencumbered dark matter (dark matter that isn’t housing regular matter) that it is responsible for creating the quantum slit problems as well as the quantum enigma. When a blackhole is created it’s possible that when normal visible matter falls in it’s only the dark matter that makes it in with the normal matter being flung back out in the form of radiation. The dark matter that fell into the blackhole is added to the mass, gravity of the black hole and since dark matter is so freaking small (Planck Scale) it maybe why black holes can shrink to such a small dense point at the centre.

This like all my theories is just pondering the what if’s but sometimes these theories all coalesce into a single vision of how it all fits together that seem’s to make perfect sense so much so it’s like an epiphany of realisation at the time, so enjoy my madness!

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