Dark Matter And The Fabric Of Spacetime

Lately I have been giving more thought to the dark matter and quantum enigma problems and I think I have a good working theory here. As I’ve said before I think that what’s referred to as Einstein-Rosen gateways are actually unfired probabilities with that in mind I think it’s quite likely that they are also what we call dark matter. These dark particles act kind of like mirrors to ordinary matter, sometimes showing more than one version of the same particle and other times shielding it from view altogethor!

In the upgraded version of the double slit experiment where we look between the slits and the detector to find what appears to be the particle traveling back in time to reveal only one path that it’s traveled, what is actually occurring is we are really seeing the path it traveled as it bounced back and forth (or rather refracts around like light does around massive gravitational bodies) between the dark matter particles.

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In the quantum world matter does not move the same way at all instead it moves via the energy of dark matter (easiest way to put it) so when a particle is able to pass through ordinary matter it does so with the help of dark matter, since all dark matter is connected in a similar way quantum entanglement works except all dark matter has a kind of quantum connection to itself and it’s this connection that allows the particle to borrow the energy so to speak from itself on the other side other solid wall.

The guy in this video and Erik Verlinde describe what I am trying to say so much better than myself, it’s this line of reasoning that is essentially correct in my opinion, except the lack of dark matter maybe.

This guy is rather dry and drags on a bit but again he is on the right track! The universe is basically a self fulfilling prophesy in a way. There is much more to the universe than what scientists and astronomers currently believe, when they look out through Hubble and other telescopic instruments to look back 13.7 billion years ago and see only dust clouds they are actually seeing  the universal accretion disk which is just like that of a black hole. If they could look beyond (impossible using light/radiation) they would see many more something like 10 to the power of 500 other universes, togethor the form what we call the multiverse, each universe has an antiverse running parrallel (easiest way to describe it) the multiverse is just part of a much larger reality similar to this one we now inhabit, this scenario I described is part of a quantum computer running a probability matrix of everything to have ever existed.  You can read more here about it, I refer to this as a Virtual Genisis theory.

I think there are only 3 real fields reacting to create our version of reality, everything else is an emergent property of these 3 fields, we have identified one of these fields being the Higgs field, the other 2 are positive and negative energy (I use the term energy for lack of a better term). These 3 fields create all the matter in the observable universe by manipulating the bulk or virtual vacuum in which the multiverse lays measured at the Planck length.

Matter and antimatter coexist as a single entity that is neither one or the other until measured, once measured or observed the antimatter is merged/destroyed leaving only ordinary matter. The law that says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction holds true in a universal nature and since energy can only be transformed I believe the antimatter that disappears from this reality ends up in the antiverse which is unbilicly connected to this reality through black holes. In the antiverse the opposite of what happens here happens there, this is part of the efficiency used in calculating the information of energy of the universe.


The dark matter particle is also where scientists will find their theory for quantum gravity and time itself as like little black holes (so small so nothing can get in them) except they occasionally interact with each other to form virtual particles. Dark matter is also the bulk or virtual vacuum, personally I am more liking the word “construct” as it’s the birthing ground for all the universes with their antiverses.

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