Chapter 1 Continued – The Arrival

The scientist introduced himself as Ronin. He was a tall man with broad shoulders and a face that said his few years on Earth hadn’t been overly kind. Ronin carried himself with pride, wearing a wide smile and a glimmer in his blue eyes that hinted he was wise beyond his years. As he helped her inside the structure he had called home for the past 15 years, Ronin asked the battered woman her name. Vanessa was too exhausted and dehydrated to respond and though she tried, she inevitably fainted in his arms.

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Upon waking, Vanessa found herself surrounded by Ronin and 5 other men who were eagerly engaged in a conversation which seemed to be about her, “It doesn’t matter whether she agrees or not Ronin, she is our only hope to make this happen”. “make what happen?” she asked tiredly, “It doesn’t matter now you just need to rest and regain your strength.” was the response Vanessa received and feeling safe with Ronin around, she dozed off again.

This time when Vanessa awoke she was alone, she quickly dressed and went to look for the others she remembered seeing when she previously awoke. She didn’t have to wander far to find them. As Vanessa entered the room the heated debate the men were in abated to that of silence, then Ronin stepped forward and boomed ” Why not ask her now!”. “Ask me what?” Vanessa enquired. Another much older man introduced himself as Gerald and began to explain, “We want you to carry and give birth to our only chance to fight back against them, you see we have managed to not only complete mapping the human genome which was completed roughly 3 decades ago now, but we have managed to finish the evolution of our species, meaning we can now build the perfect human being that is fully evolved to utilize successfully in the war against the aliens. We believe that a fully evolved human may stand a chance against their technology and help us turn the tables on them!”.

“I hate them as much as you do but I don’t know if I could be your experiment, what if something went wrong?” asked Vanessa shakily, “Don’t worry Vanessa we have had this plan and technology for over a year now but we didn’t have a way to give life to Evo as we call him, well that was until you arrived, you’re the only woman we have seen in over 5 years now” Ronin explained, taking a short moment to gather his thoughts. Gerald saw the tension quickly pass across Ronins’ face and took it upon himself to continue. “The procedure is completely safe for you as it’s like invitero, we will with your permission of course, impregnate you with Evo who as mentioned by Ronin was created and perfected over a year ago and is now on ice waiting for the right vessel to either be created or stumbled upon, we were trying to create that vessel until you arrived” Gerald continued slowly, “We’ve been here for a long time, various efforts to escape this place have been failures at best”.
“Let me think about it for a while, this is quite a lot to take in all at once!” Vanessa exclaimed. “Come with me” said Ronin, taking Vanessas hand. “Let’s get you something to eat and you can ask me any questions you might have”. Ronin gave Vanessa a tired but reassuring smile, and the feeling of safety returned, as she slowly began following Ronin into another section of the cave system.

“How have you all managed to live down here so long without going to the surface?” Vanessa asked Ronin quietly. “Surprisingly comfortably!” Ronin said with a smile “Let me show you”. Vanessa continued followed Ronin as they walked into what appeared to be a massive glass house full of various plants and trees. “As you can now see, we have a constant supply of fresh fruit and veg grown right here.” Ronin exclaimed. “We all went vegetarian when they invaded and we were forced to stay down here” Ronin continued “We do have some animals as well like chickens, a few dairy cows and a good collection embryos and DNA on ice of various other animals that later we hope we can use to repopulate some of the species lost on earth when they invaded”. As Vanessa and Ronin walked and chatted she began to feel almost normal again nearly forgetting the past few years.


They arrived back at the room she awoke in and turning to face each other Ronin chirpily says “Why not get some more rest and we’ll chat some more later” and feeling as tired as she did Vanessa decided it was a good idea and with that she went in and lay down quickly falling asleep.

To Be Continued….

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