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KaratBars | Buying Gold Is Important For 2017 | Invest In Gold Now!

Why Buying Gold Is Important For 2017 & What is KaratBars? Buying gold is important for 2017 due to the uncertainty of the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies are creating a big storm  in the financial sector. Until the storm is over I believe buying gold is now important as it will continue to increase in value. […]

Automation Is Killing Our Jobs! | What To Do?

Automation Is Killing Our Jobs! The coming onslaught of workplace automation is killing our jobs! The work place is about to change in dramatic ways leaving many out of work. Many companies are now placing themselves to embrace the new technology that is coming available. The technology in the form of robotic automation coupled with […]

Pros & Cons Of Creating An Online Income – Should We Bother?

Pros & Cons Of Creating An Online Income Creating an online income has been a big interest of mine for years now. I have had many successes and many failures especially when first getting started many years ago. Since then I’ve learned a great deal in regards to creating an online income. In this article […]

Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum And The Rest!

In and around 2008 – 2012 I was involved in online activities, like website design and internet marketing, during that time there was the emergence of Bitcoin (A new form of cryptocurrency) which I did look at but it seemed rather complicated and not many were using it so it seemed almost worthless to me […]