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Black Holes Do Much More Than Just Suck Matter In!

Black holes are one of my favourite things to think about because of how perplexing they appear to be to the scientific community. I find it absurd that when documentaries describe falling into a black hole they show a straight trajectory into the black hole which couldn’t be further from the truth, I mean it’s not like falling down to earth or anything like they describe. My own sense of logic tells me that as you approach a black hole you are swept up in it’s gravitational vortex, which if you know what a vortex is (Imagine the tunnel that forms when water drains from a sink or bath) it means that you will orbit the black hole many many times before arriving at the event horizon.

Watch the documentary below to see what I mean about how it’s commonly described when something falls into black holes.


black holesALL matter is “spun” around the black hole’s event horizon as it gets closer, the matter is sped up close to the speed of light, nothing falls straight into a black hole we see this as what’s been called an accretion disk. As the matter crosses the event horizon it’s stripped of what we “see” and know as matter, this occurs due to the heat, speed and collision with itself and is radiated out and away as Hawkings Radiation and of course the gamma and x-rays that we detect coming from the poles of the black holes.

What I believe actually does make it inside the black holes is the matter we cannot see or detect through regular means, this matter is commonly known as dark matter which I think actually may be apart of all matter and is the elusive sub atomic gravity that scientists are currently looking for as a way to unify classic and quantum physics.

Black Holes Serve Many Functions

Since Einsteins theory says that there is (what’s been coined as the common term) a singularity in the centre of black holes, which is accurate however most think the singularity is the end of the ride because it’s crushed down into an infinitely small and infinitely dense point which I don’t believe is quite the case. Black holes actually serve many functions in the universe in which we live or reside, they expand space-time as well as contract it in the form of gravitational waves, they form the dark matter filaments we see matter condensing around in the universe making what could be described as a cosmic web, they tear matter apart and are basically the engines of the the whole universe!

Where To Find Information On Black Holes

NASA’s take on what a black hole is as you can see is very basic indeed and doesn’t explain much at all (which is quite disappointing) in regards to the purpose of black holes in the universe. Instead we need to find information in the form of recent documentaries, papers from scientists and the likes which is what I have done in order to develop my own theories. Scientists today still cannot decide on what is actually going on inside a black hole, yet to me I think it’s kind of obvious based on the information that can be found in both astrophysical and quantum mechanical documentaries.

To save you the trouble of trying to find some good documentaries I have created a page on my site called “My Viewing“, which I will continually add more videos (on Youtube) to so if your interested to see some of the stuff I have watched you can do so! 😉

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