Black Holes And White Holes – How does it all fit?

One thing I have pondered over like many others is how black holes, white holes, gravity, time and the universe fit togethor, and what is actually happening. While scientists rely on mathematics arrive at their discoveries or theories I use my own strange inner logic to often arrive at similar conclusions but with a little more out of the box thinking. So I arrived at the existence of white holes while pondering what happens when black holes are created.

Gravity and time are affected around the presence of black holes

white holeGravity and time are affected around the presence of black holes, the greater the mass the black hole has the more gravity it exerts condensing spacetime ever more greatly the closer it is to the event horizon. When matter arrives at this point it is stripped apart flinging it back into outer space, what does make it past the event horizon is the “dark matter” which is only mass  and exists at the Planck level of the fabric of reality which is why it’s able to pass through into the blackhole to exist at it’s singularity. On the inside of the black hole when it was created, it broke through to both the end of time and the beginning (Yes! The Big Bang). The reason that astrophysicists have so far not been able to find a white hole is because there is only one – The Big Bang! I’ll explain why I think the singularity of each black hole is simultaneously reaching both the end and start of the universe.

As the universe unfolds it will eventually only consist of blackholes

As the universe unfolds it will eventually only consist of blackholes, these black holes will eventually merge to form one single black hole at which point it explodes as a  blinding white hole emerging from the singular point in time we know as the big bang.  This is hard to explain so please bare with me! When time stops nothing can move, a singularity is a point where time stops (and starts) because spacetime has become infinitely small and dense, the universe also began in such conditions so is it not logical to think that the two are related or even the very same point even? I think if we could map this we would likely see a similar map to that of the “dark matter” in the universe. Also if we were to take a step back from the universe where time does not exist (kind of anyway) but have the ability to see it, it would appear in a bright instant to fade away back into a singular point but it would happen that fast it would appear to be in a “superposition state”.  This view makes sense if you take my theory in to account and it also accounts for multiverses as each time it plays out, another universe has played out.

There is no antimatter in this universe because it forms another type of universe, one which I call the antiverse, this is the balance in the equation. The antiverse is formed at the start of each big bang, it emerges opposite and runs alongside the universe as they expand both pushing each other causing the acceleration affect we see.  There is more to this theory but it goes further into multiverses and the fabric of reality, so gets even deeper – lol!

Below is video by Brian Greene who is a well known physicist, he has done a brilliant series on the strangeness of the universe of which this video is just 1 in a series 4.


Everything in this video is real and not based on science fiction! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you think about?


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