Automation Is Killing Our Jobs! | What To Do?

Automation Is Killing Our Jobs!

The coming onslaught of workplace automation is killing our jobs! The work place is about to change in dramatic ways leaving many out of work. Many companies are now placing themselves to embrace the new technology that is coming available. The technology in the form of robotic automation coupled with AI is already changing work places around the world. If you haven’t noticed this yet it’s not hard to find out simply do a Google search on the subject and you will see what I mean. If this new automation of the work place hasn’t affected you yet, trust me it soon will!

Below is a recent video on the subject of robots and other forms of automation killing our jobs. It’s only a short video but as you can see it’s news related feature.

So as you can see automation is killing our jobs!

If Home Automation Is Killing Our Jobs – Who Does It Affect?

automation is killing our jobsThere are many calculations being made in regards to this and as to how much of the industry will be affected. But the sad fact is that it will eventually affect over 90% of the working class population. The time frame for how long it will take to affect this large amount of the population varies as well but many agree we are already seeing the affects. A time frame I will estimate is by 2025 – 2030 we will be approaching the 90% figure. The first real jobs to be affected are store checkout operators and the taxi and transport industries. Robots won’t just take our jobs but they’ll make the rich richer! As you can see unless we start taking steps new finding jobs will become increasingly difficult.

Automation Isn’t Killing Our Jobs? Are You Sure?

There are many that would argue that automation and robots aren’t killing our jobs. This is grossly incorrect as there will soon no longer be a taxi industry, the retail sector will see Amazon Go come in soon and the transport industry as whole is already under attack! If your argument here is that it’s transition of the workplace then yes you are correct but not totally as these industries are still going to die! People will need to up skill, cross skill and multi skill to earn an income in the near future – this is unavoidable!

What Can We Do To Avoid Automation Killing Our Jobs?

Sadly there is little that can be done for many manual labour and even professional type jobs. We can however do something about it, you see this doesn’t need to be a bad thing if we embrace the coming changes. So is it really the end of the human worker? Yes and No – It is the end of many jobs that currently require humans, but if these humans turn their attention to other forms of work it need not be the end but simply a transition. Right now we have the opportunity to begin earning our incomes in many different ways. Earning an income online will be a very important resource for many in the near future as it is for many now. Many of the younger generation are embracing things like making money gaming – yes playing video games! Your creativity will be your greatest asset!

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