A Website Update!

Well it’s been about 2 weeks since setting up this website, most of that time has been spent in creating content that people hopefully find interesting or informative. I will give you a brief run down on what’s been done so far so you can replicate anything you see here if you so desire. So here we go…

The first thing I did was register my domain name then I purchased a reseller account at Hostgator. Next I forwarded my domain name to my host and installed WordPress next I set up my paging structure then installed a theme I was happy with. If you want a more detailed instruction to follow then go here. I wasn’t really sure what kind of site I was going to do but as you can see I’ve settled on a content site.  It isn’t focused on any particular niche but rather my individual interests which means it will be extremely difficult to get much in the way of visitors without doing certain things.

After setting the page structure and importing the them I chose content as the main focus of my site and as such I need to make the content of my site as good as possible, this means it must be interesting, it must be unique, it needs to be able to be shared, it must be seo friendly. Most people consider me to be a boring person so making interesting content is something of a paradox here but if you look around  my site you will see I have a passion for food whence I have begun to build a recipe section, I have created an area for my gaming and so forth, these are all niches and it’s best to focus a whole site towards that single particular niche or product so I’m already doing something wrong here but let’s move on. Now it’s best to have a little bit of every kind of media on the one page, so you will see a related picture and or video on most of my pages, this helps in the interesting part with the unique being what I’ve written.

I’ve installed a free WordPress plugin called “add to any” that let’s people share the page(s) they’re interested in and finally it’s seo friendly due to most of the previous stuff I’ve done. Mostly I could stop there and just publish blog posts and in time I’d see traffic from just doing that but I like to flex my seo skills every now and then to see how they stand up, so I will continue to update all my pages until I am happy with the traffic they are getting and continue posting updates to let you know how it’s all going.

So now I have my website pages with interesting unique seo sharable content, what’s next you may ask? Well if a website doesn’t earn you money then it’s been put up for some other reason, most people reading this post would be aiming to make money from their website so with that I have chosen Adsense and Amazon for now, these can take some time to be approved for but as of posting this article I’ve already been approved and am displaying ads on my site that will either earn money if someone clicks on an advert or buys something through amazon. Both of these can be very low paying for a few reasons so it’s possible I will change it up at some point but for now that’s about it so feel free to comment or get in touch.

An amusing yet annoying thing has just happened with Adsense no longer showing up for some unknown reason! So excuse the big gaps in the pages – lol

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