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I believe in a lot of things, some of those things are “FAR OUT” and some aren’t, that being said here are some of what would be considered to be the “FAR OUT”.

I am 38 years old and in this time I have learned enough about this existance that we call “life” to be absolutely certain that we are here to experience and to learn about our physical world that we have created. In being here with concious and sentient thought in one form or another this itself confirms the fact.I will go into more detail about this at a later point in this book. (circle and cycle of life)

A lot of this I am writing for you to read now is taken from my own various readings from authors like “Lobsang Rampa” and “Ray Kurzweil” to current medical, scientific and technological research and theories of varying writings that are today considered to be fact.


– The kindness Of Strangers – Pashtunwali – I need to research about it.

One of the things I hope that changes in time is mankinds capacity for cruelty to one another and other forms of life, I hope that with the birth of ASI (explained later) we create in it a sense of empathy and a healthy respect for all other life, this empathy and respect for other life we create in our ASI could then be integrated into those of us who lack those qualities.

This was going to possibly be a journal of my thoughts regarding the extroadinary kindness of strangers to those of us in need, or maybe a blueprint for my idea of a utopian future. In my short 38 years I like most of us have fallen on hard times and in the bleakest moment in those times of need I have been thrown a lifeline, a helping hand to get back on my feet by a complete stranger and in some cases people I had nor ever will be likely to meet. I have always considered myself to be of an empathetic nature and as such I have also offered a helping hand to anyone I have seen in more need than myself, at times when offering or receiving help I have often pondered what our world would be like if EVERYONE had these qualities..?? I dared to imagine a world in which NO PERSON ever lives in fear, a world built on kindness to others (man or animal) where each of us strives for the betterment of ALL MANKIND on both an individual basis and all of us in entirety.

What would such a world be like?

At different times in my life since I was a small boy, I have often thought I should write my thoughts and ideas down, sometimes I have too although nearly all the ideas I did manage to write down were nearly always about making money usually on a grand scale – laugh if you like (as I am writing this I am dirt broke still) as many would however unlike most people my desire to earn/create my own large stockpile of money was not so I could live in a lap of luxuary but more so I could spend in different ways to help or better the lives of my fellow man so that I may leave a legacy of kindness for my children to continue after I am dead and buried. I sincerely wish that in some way these writings are that legacy or maybe the beginnings of it maybe. I doubt I will ever create enough wealth of my own to create this type of legacy but then maybe all it takes are these words!

I have some questions for you now – Do you hate or love your fellow man? If you hate – why? If you love – why?

If you choose to hate your fellow man why is that? Have you suffered so many injustices at the hand of your fellow man? Maybe but should that stop you from loving them? Of course not it’s not their fault they do not know any better and as such along with pity for their narrow mindeness and world experience that has lead them to be so cruel, if you love them you can show them another way and maybe break the cycles of cruelty – make sense? I hope so because that moment when you decide to give kindness to someone that hates and is cruel to you or others can be the moment when you, me all of us can begin to move forward as a race of intelligent sentient compassionate and empathetic beings and put an end to the injustices in our world and the world of our fellow man. That moment when you turn the other cheek and love instead of hate you show what could be the first unselfish kindness to someone else who maybe cruel and full of hate a new path, a path full of love, joy, compassion, empathy and love of their fellow man! It is only through action of this nature can we begin to rid our world of all the bad that has begun to take over.

I am no stranger to be cruel and unkind to my fellow man and beast but I have always felt remorse at some of my actions and choices. It was through remorse that I begun working on this idealogy. I would die a happy man if through reading this that I change even 1 other person’s life to that of the enlightenement I have based these writings on. So if you hate your fellow man for his actions towards you or others then show them something different!

If you choose to love your fellow man then you are on the right path to showing others the same as I want to convey to you now, however if you truly love your fellow man when was the last time you helped them? I want you to imagine this scenario…

Right now I believe that less than 2% of us do a good deed for someone else on a daily basis and to me that is appalling as that is no where near enough love to go around, let me show you what I mean by that statement:

7 Billion (give or take) are living on this planet currently.

2% of 7 billion = 140,000,000 people that are kind to others daily.

Now approxametly 1/3 or our worlds population are in need (one way or another)

33% of 7 billion = 2,333,333,333 people that need help of some kind or another.

That means that each kind person who selfelssly helps his fellow man has to help over 16 peole on his/her own which is a big undertaking and would require endless funds and fulltime attention – it’s simply too much and yet there are some that do this 16 or more hours a day – day in day out!

Yet if all 7 billion of us did just 1 act of kindness that is 3 acts of kindness per person in need! Imagine how productive and good a person who is in need would feel having 3 people in just 1 single day do something to alleviate their plight – think how much less stressed and overwhelmed those of us who are currently trying to help 16 others just once!


This existance we call life is like one of those “rictor scales” you see in today’s movies but a better way for me to help you visualise what I am trying to convey to you and is demonstrated perfectly in the symbol of “YING & YANG”. My take on ying and yang is the clear balance of life (and everything else) – we are either a good being with a little bit of bad or a bad being with a little bit of good. This existance has an equal and opposite existance, black holes in this existance are white holes in the other opposite existance. This also refers to the Ying and Yang of existance. The two existances are part of the whole and one cannot exist without the other, there is life in this existance but no life in the other as it’s the opposite, the laws of physics, time and so on are all completely the opposite of this existance. Physicists and Qauntum Mechanics will tell you just how perfectly balanced this existance (positive) is but have failed to consider the opposite (or negative one) in their calculations with “String Theory” and it’s various branch fields but anyway whatever our current understanding is of existance is it is about to change forever and we will soon have not only all the answers we desire but also a complete understanding of everything in existance, past present and future.

We are a sentient life form, human or even a spiritual being made of pure energy that is inhabiting it’s own creation or evolution into the physical driven by the need to understand or learn everything (or a particular lesson). We are here to create a permenant and immortal body to inhabit/evolve ourselves into and it doesn’t matter what you call it or who you said made it/us whether it be “God” – “Jehovah” – “Jesus Christ” we are and we will be what we want to be!

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