Consciousness Determines Reality – Does It Really?

consciousness determines reality

Does Consciousness Determine Reality?

The answer is an emphatic yes! The video I’ve put below this paragraph begins to explain my theory on how consciousness determines reality, but it doesn’t explain the full scope. I will attempt to explain the full picture I see that has occurred since before the dawn of time before time. But first you’ll need to watch the video!

The Cosmic Consciousness Determines Reality Is Not God

consciousness determines realityMany people would assume that the cosmic consciousness looking at us is God, I believe the cosmic consciousness that is “looking” is actually us! In a much higher state at another time and space we developed the technology we are now developing, this technology gave use the power of gods. It created a chain like reaction giving life to a much lower dimensional existence. This has happened over and over into an infinite loop of different realities. Science maybe on the verge of understanding this as you will see in the next video I’ve put below.

The existence in which we reside is far stranger than we understand, but for some reason I have a complete picture. I have spoken on this topic in various ways from the development of ASI to the other theories I have put forward, I have danced around the whole picture. I have written on how the future is affecting the present which is part of how we find ourselves here. You could call this my virtual genesis theory in which I explain a possible and likely reason for what happened. We do live in a kind of self fulfilling prophesy and it’s as simple as that!

I encourage you to do your own research using Google, Youtube or where ever you like as I would love to find out what you think! Leave a comment or share around!

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