My Work History

About My Work History

Currently I am not working for a number of reasons (mostly due to health) but aside from that I have done quite a few different jobs in my working history, so here I will list some of my working history, knowledge and other things.

My first ever job was a paper boy,  aged 13yrs I lasted maybe a few months before conning my mother to drive me around to deliver the papers. I learned 2 things – my mother didn’t like getting up 3am to deliver papers with me and the other thing was there had to be a better way to make money!

The next job I had was at 17yrs as baker/pastrycook getting paid $4.65 an hour, this lasted 2 years at which I learned a great many things from cake decorating to hand molding breads and pastries. I have gone back to this industry off and on since as it’s usually an easy job to get, however here is Tasmania qualifications count and I am not qualified.

The next job I had was as a door to door direct salesman (B2B) selling nick nacks, this lasted until (6mths) I met a fella starting up an ISP which was the first time I was introduced the internet (mid 90s) and computers, however not wanting to commit to a $20k investment at 18 for 100 html pages I declined (missing a golden opportunity) and instead had change in direction of my life for the worse.

The next job I has was a forklift truck driver and storeperson, changing jobs I stayed working in this area for about a year (22yrs) before trying my hand back at sales selling mobile phones and security systems, while selling mobile phones for Nomad Telecommunications I worked my way up to state team leader of direct sale, this took about a year.

Next job industry I entered was telemarketing and lead generation for local roofing and home improvement companies (24yrs) this I continued for around another year before, trying my hand at mortgage broking (before regulation), this I did for about 6 months before moving interstate to Tasmania for the first time.

Next job I tried my hand was steel fixing on a construction site up in QLD this I did for about 6 months before moving to VIC where I first got into website design, internet market, seo. I taught myself html and css while working as a handman and bartender for the Spotless Group of companies. I continued in the internet marketing and website design side of things off and on for the next 8 – 9 years with some minor and some big successes. As life does it gets in the way.