Marketing Tools To Increase Website Traffic

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools for bloggers and website owners are necessary these days. Since returning to the website design and digital marketing industry I’ve tested many tools.

These marketing tools come with many features and do many different things. Like everything these days all the marketing tools etc want you to pay for them. Some marketing tools have free trials and others offer limited functionality for their free service.

Below I’ll be listing the best marketing tools I’ve used and a little bit about what they do. I’ll also tell you whether they are free or not and whether they are worth upgrading.

Marketing Tools – is a fantastic tool for increasing your website visitors from social networks. It works by using IFrames to add a call to action to almost any website when you share it. To see an example visit this link to Klout where I’m considered an expert on SEO – See how I now have a call to action for free website traffic?

Get your here.

It boasts a free service up to 1000 clicks per month, which makes a great tools for newbies too!

Marketing Tools – Social Oomph is probably the best website for automating your social media marketing! Not only will it help you to automate your social media marketing but in doing so it will also dramatically increase your website traffic! By using this tool you will see benefits from day one! Schedule all your posts and so much more just click through and have a read!

Give your social media marketing some social oomph here!

Social Oomph offers a free but limited service, however it’s paid service is very cheap and you get a 2 week free trial through my referral link! – Yes it’s affiliate link 🙂