The Truth About Blogging For Money

The Truth About Blogging For Money

The Truth About Blogging For Money

The truth about blogging for money is it’s not what you think! Most people and courses you see about blogging for an income would have you believe it’s an easy thing to do! The truth about blogging for money is it takes time and a whole lot of work!

the truth about blogging for money

There are many people who start blogging with the aim of replacing there everyday job. Very soon they learn the truth about blogging for money – it isn’t the big glorious income they have been led to believe! You might like to read my post the “Pros & Cons Of Creating An Online Income” to decide if it’s right for you.

In this article I will reveal the truth about blogging for money and how you can do it!

The Truth About Blogging For Money Is It Takes Time!

The truth about blogging for money is it takes time, how much time really depends on you! It’s said that for every article you write on your blog you should market (share it) that article 5 times longer than you spent writing it. So if you spent all day Monday writing 4 x 1000 word articles then you should spend the next 4 days promoting those articles. So it takes a lot of time and even more hard work to succeed in blogging for money! The cold hard truth about blogging for money is that it’s not easy!

But is writing and sharing all there is to blogging for money?

No there is far more to it than that! You will likely spend the first few weeks just setting your blog up, linking various social networks. Then you will likely spend the next few weeks learning about those social networks. Next you will likely spend months learning about SEO and ensuring your blog is optimized properly. In those months you’ll also need to learn how to monetize your blog as well.

How long will it take to start making money from blogging?

The truth about blogging for money and how long it will take to earn a livable income is up to you. The more you work the quicker you will achieve the desired result of telling your boss to go take a hike! If you worked only 2 hours per day on your blog with NO prior knowledge and you stuck with it – then maybe 3 – 5 years maybe longer! Even if you worked 40 hours per week it’s still likely to be a minimum of 6 – 12 months and that’s WITH prior knowledge! There are other varying factors as well, for example your level of financial investment, whether you work alone and other things.

Why not grab a book on blogging for money from Amazon to help you cut the learning curve?

How Do I Start Blogging For Money? Is It Worth It?

How do you start blogging for money? The easiest and cheapest way is with a blog or with a blog. These are blogs that are hosted for you. You can move your blog to a self hosted version later when you can afford to.

I highly recommend starting with a self hosted WordPress blog.

These are easily set up within your hosting account (most hosts now provide automatic installation) large companies (and some smaller ones) can provide the whole experience for you. You will need to register a domain name as well. The whole cost initially will be between $5 & $25+ depending on your choices when setting up.

I highly recommend having Adsense to monetize your blog!

Once setup with pages and posts, you will need to monetize your blog. There are many ways to monetize your blog but if your just starting then Adsense is the way to go! Adsense pays you for both how many times you show ads and for clicks on the ads you display on your blog. There are many people who earn tens of thousands of dollars from Adsense per month. Adsense are strict about many things like content and so forth but it’s the first place many bloggers go to earn money.

The Truth About Blogging For Money – It’s best Monetize many ways!

The truth about blogging for money is it’s best to monetize your blog in many different ways! You should look at affiliate marketing, pay per action or PPA, sell your own products, build an email list, cost per action and many other different methods. I highly recommend you read the “Making Money Online” page for other ways to make money blogging or even other ways of making money online.

Below I found some great books from Amazon, some of these are on special so keep an eye for them!

So Is It Worth Blogging For Money? Yes It Is..!!

Is it really worth blogging for money? Yes I think so (obviously since your reading my blog) but it goes beyond just my opinion. If it takes 5 years of hard work to replace your current income isn’t that worth it? If it takes 10 years wouldn’t it be worth it? Never having to answer to anyone else except your readers – choosing how hard your going to work that day. Work from home and spend time with loved ones at the same time. There are many reasons why it’s worth blogging for money!

If your new to blogging then you really need to get educated in finer detail than I offer here. The only way to do that is to read and learn from doing it! So save yourself much time and many headaches and grab one of the books from Amazon! The titled “Make $1000 per day blogging part time”is a great read so be sure to at least read that one!

Are you are already blogging to make money online?

I’d love a comment from you about your blogging for money experience and so forth. Let us know what’s working for you, what’s the best earner and how you’ve done it! If your able to – would you want to contribute your expertise by posting an article on my blog? Contact me and let me know!

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    To many people do give up without much success and the main reason is either traffic to their site or monetization. My goal is to get as many everyday people earning money from blogging as a way to prepare for the future. If I can convince even one person to do this and succeed I will have done my job! 😉

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