Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing

Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing

Automation of your social media marketing is absolutely necessary to save time and the efficiency of your social media marketing efforts. By automating your social marketing you no longer need to be a slave to your website marketing.

Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing

You can increase your free website traffic in this process as well so it’s well worth doing. In this article I will discuss how and why to automate your social media marketing so you can free up your time on writing awesome content for your website or blog.

Why Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing Is Important

Automation of your social media marketing is important due to the amount of time it saves, the increase in website traffic it delivers and increasing your social media presence.

Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing Will Save You Time

If your struggling under the pressure of keeping up with all your social media accounts this article will help you very much! When you automate your social media marketing you’ll only need to spend a few hours on it each week. Just think of how much time it will save you!

Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing Will Increase Your Website Traffic

When you stop sharing on a social media website effectively you stop the possible traffic from that site. If you automate your social media marketing you continue to share content to those social media networks when your not online. Being able to share content and draw new customers to your site while your not online will obviously have an increase in your website traffic right?

Automating Your Social Media Marketing Will Increase Your Efficiency In Social Marketing

When you have automated your social media marketing you can begin to monitor it for in efficiencies. On Twitter this might be gaps where it shows your not sharing enough in a certain period. It can also be your level of engagement that can be tweaked with split testing or replacing automated tweets with higher performing ones.

How Do You Automate Your Social Media Marketing

This involves preloading a certain website, software or website plugin with a number of posts to be sent out at time you have set. In the next part of this article I will discuss a few that I am using now and what they do. Between these few items I’m going to tell you about you will be able to save time, increase your website traffic and lift your efficiency.

A WordPress Plugin To Help Automate Sharing Of Your Content

JetPack is a free and premium plugin by WordPress themselves. It’s a simply one click install and another to activate it. Once you have it installed you need to set it up properly. To do this you will need to go into your new sharing settings in your main settings menu. Once there you will see a list of social media sites that you can add to your blog or website. Follow JetPack’s directions to add whichever social media sites you are using.

Get Social Oomph To Automate Your Posting To Social Media Sites is a great too for preloading your tweets for Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn and Pinterest. It’s completely affordable offering a free trial of the upgraded version which allows scheduling. After your free trial you’ll be able to purchase the upgrade for only $12:50 which is well worth it considering the features it offers. 

Some of it’s upgraded features include: scheduling, que pooling of posts, keyword search, follow and unfollow, picture posting, email integration with MailChimp and much more! I quite liked my trial run and so I am doing the paid version.

Using Buffer To Automate Your Social Media offers a similar service as Social Oomph however it’s not quite as feature rich. It does offer a free version that will allow you to automate up to 10 posts per day per social account. It’s a little more user friendly with a simpler system  and solely only really offers automation of posting. It’s upgraded version is slightly cheaper than Social Oomph but you really are only getting half of what it offers too!

Which One Is The Best To Automate Your Social Media Marketing?

In my opinion Social Oomph offers the best paid service, it has many more features and works very well. Buffer offers probably the best free service. Below is some further reading on automating your social media marketing.

I hope you find this article helpful leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Automation Of Your Social Media Marketing

  1. Hi Richard,

    I’ve tried several different ways of automating my social media marketing, because it just wasn’t getting done on a regular basis when I tried to do it myself (as a solopreneur).

    I’m currently using the paid version of Buffer, Crowdfire and Webfire – that’s probably overkill, and I’ll need to cut down come renewal time.

    Funnily enough SocialOopmh is one I didn’t come across which is shame, because it seems to have an amazing number of features.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted…Overcoming Fear Of RejectionMy Profile

  2. Hi Richard,
    I have blogged about this topic as well. I’d like to recommend IFTTT. It saves me half an hour a day and is a free app. It posts your articles to social media for you.

  3. Fantastic post and so much to learn. Thanks for sharing this great post.
    I agree with you social media automation is save our time using these tools. but we are add only one account in this tool.
    Can you provide any other tool which free

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and for reading 🙂

    Joy, I don’t think it’s overkill – thank you for the additional tools – Crowdfire is pretty good.

    Elise, You are quire correct there – it doesn’t matter how evergreen the content is – if it’s posted too often can be like spam.

    Janice, thank you for your additional suggestion of IFTTT – will check them out too 🙂

    StartUp Arena, Most of the tools you see mentioned here have a free option, they mostly charge on upgraded services they offer. Using a combination of each is quite effective. Another one to try is Klout 🙂

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