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Free Website Traffic | Traffic Exchanges | What you need to know!

Free Website Traffic From Traffic Exchanges Free website traffic from traffic exchanges is not what you think it is! If your new to the world of getting free website traffic from traffic exchanges, you need to keep reading! Below I will explain what you need to know about traffic exchanges. Getting Free Traffic From Traffic […]

KaratBars | Buying Gold Is Important For 2017 | Invest In Gold Now!

Why Buying Gold Is Important For 2017 & What is KaratBars? Buying gold is important for 2017 due to the uncertainty of the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies are creating a big storm  in the financial sector. Until the storm is over I believe buying gold is now important as it will continue to increase in value. […]

SEO Traffic Generation Guide 2017-2018

Success in blogging, selling products, your online business, whatever you are doing online is basically reliant on site traffic generation. In this article, we will be discussing some very simple SEO traffic generation ideas that will help you build traffic to your site or opportunity. If you are blogging then it really all starts with SEO. […]

Automation Is Killing Our Jobs! | What To Do?

Automation Is Killing Our Jobs! The coming onslaught of workplace automation is killing our jobs! The work place is about to change in dramatic ways leaving many out of work. Many companies are now placing themselves to embrace the new technology that is coming available. The technology in the form of robotic automation coupled with […]

Consciousness Determines Reality – Does It Really?

Does Consciousness Determine Reality? The answer is an emphatic yes! The video I’ve put below this paragraph begins to explain my theory on how consciousness determines reality, but it doesn’t explain the full scope. I will attempt to explain the full picture I see that has occurred since before the dawn of time before time. […]

Black Holes | Space Time And The Universe

Black Holes Do Much More Than Just Suck Matter In! Black holes are one of my favourite things to think about because of how perplexing they appear to be to the scientific community. I find it absurd that when documentaries describe falling into a black hole they show a straight trajectory into the black hole […]